A Naive Short-tempered Girl

Chapter 444

Chapter 444

Get Troubled

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Yao Yao intentionally to let that sport car to have its way.

As seen, from not far away there was a black Ferrari that coming near to her.

Wasn’t that Chen Yi’s car, did he just want to go out from company?

Yao Yao’s eyes rolled, at the time when she wanted to wave her hand to that car. But suddenly her eyes have caught Xie Zhi Qing’s figure who sitting at the driver seat! Is she mistaken? Is it Xie Zhi Qing’s car? Not right, the car plate number indeed Chen Yi’s.

She stepped back few steps. azurro4cieloeverything that flash in azurro’s head. translatedbyazurro

Just at the moment when that sport car had passed right in front of her, she could see clearly the person who sat beside the driver was Feng Chen Yi!

‘Yao Yao, let me teach you how to drive car.’

‘Alright. But… I just 15 year old, this isn’t suitable age to drive car.’

‘It is okay, we aren’t driving in the street. Just drive in the safe place. Come on.’

First time when Feng Chen Yi taught her to drive a car, two of them were still unofficially dating, the sport car that she drove was a same brand Ferrari but it is only a different sport car type.

During that time, Yao Yao still didn’t know, Feng Chen Yi types a man who hate his goods being touched, included his mobile phone, his car, his clothes, etc, as long as it is his personal goods, he definitely hates it.

So that, every time Feng Chen Yi goes out to have business party or doing business he would drive Rolls-Royce or other company’s cars. And also later on, Yao Yao has been finding out that Feng Chen Yi doesn’t like outsider to touch his personal stuffs. azurro4cielotranslations.

‘Since you dislike other people touching your personal stuffs, why that time you let me to touch your car.’

‘During that time I didn’t have any excuse to privately had interaction with you, so that only could difficult myself to let you touching my beloved car.’

‘You are so hateful!’

This was the conversation when two of them had been officially dating

Although, that time Feng Chen Yi was absolutely not open, but Yao Yao still believed that Feng Chen Yi had his own reasons….

But now… thistranslationisbelongedtoazurro4cielo

Chen Yi, you must have a reason right, so that you were asking Xie Zhi Qing to drive your car?

But after all you are having a business party, why you must drive this car out?

Although inside her heart she has more or less up set and unhappy, but Yao Yao still tried to have faith to Feng Chen Yi that he must have his own reason… onlyreadatazurro4cielo(dot)wordpress(dot)com

“CEO Feng, my house is nearby, how about you having a rest at my home?” inside the sport car, Xie Zhi Qing with her worried expression staring at Feng Chen Yi who sitting beside her with pale face.

He coldly waving his hand: “No need. Now I am rushing, it is too late to call driver, you can drive to the original destination.”

“Oh…” thisnovelisavailableatazurro4cielo(dot)wordpress(dot)com. stoptoreadfrom thief

Feng Chen Yi has an appointment with client at 6PM, but suddenly he felt unwell, the person who accompanying him to meet the client is Xie Zhi Qing as seen, she deliberately volunteer herself to drive the car.

Although, Feng Chen Yi absolutely dislikes other people touching his personal stuffs, but because he was running out of time, whether to call driver or ride taxi seemed to be late. So that, only could call Xie Zhi Qing to drive his personal car to meet client….

Winter nights come especially early, it was only five thirty, sky has been darkened.

Yao Yao was walking out from the basement parking lot and then walking to the bus stop.

“Tonight what’s to eat, Pizza? MC’s Donald? Geez… if I can cook then it would be better!”

Once talking about cooking she can’t help not to despise herself, it is okay if she is Feng Chen Yi’s girlfriend, but now she is wife, she still not capable to cook even one dish. Which make two of them everyday dine out, eat fast food or sometime Feng Chen Yi will go to kitchen and cooking.

But, Feng Chen Yi’s cook… really…. Taste awfully!

Although, she does not have right to critic her Feng Chen Yi, because she is not even any better compare to a man!

Waiting for long time there still no bus passing, Yao Yao took out her mobile phone and then lowering her head and playing game.

Just at this time… translatedbyazurroforcielowordpress

A van suddenly stopped right in front of her. Her watery big eyes rolled, just at the time when she raised her head…


The van’s door is opened, two men tried pulling her into the van and everything just happened as fast as flash…

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