Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Chapter 44: Causing a Commotion in the Entire City (2)

Chapter 44: Causing a Commotion in the Entire City (2)

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Yun Luofeng nodded. "I hope you can be a bit quick, I'm in a hurry."

Hearing these words, the woman did not delay and quickly ran towards the inner court. If that anxious expression was seen by those who were unaware, they would think something serious had happened to her...

In the inner court, Elder Rong, who was conversing with a middle-aged man, was interrupted by the sound of a door swinging open. He tightly knitted his brows, and only after seeing the charming woman quickly advancing towards him did his expression somewhat ease.

" Ya'er 1 , why are you this flustered?"

Fang Ya quickly stepped to stand in front of Elder Rong. "Elder Rong, just now, there was a young lady who came to sell a medicinal liquid. Because I could not make the decision, I came here to ask Elder Rong."

"Medicinal liquid? This matter, you deciding is enough, you don't need to ask for my opinion," Elder Rong shook his head and spoke with some impatience.

If the other party was not Fang Ya, he probably would have gotten angry already.

"It's like this, Elder Rong, that old guy of mine allowed me to come here for a hands-on learning experience, however, the fund that was given to me was not much, so I am afraid my money cannot buy this medicinal liquid, so I came here to ask Elder Rong."


Elder Rong stood up, shocked, "You said your available funds cannot buy a dose of medicinal liquid? Tell me first, just what is that medicinal liquid? I remember you have a few million taels of money on hand, right?"

Although Fang Ya said she came here to learn, but she was at least that old guy's granddaughter, so how was it possible for that old guy to not give her a few million taels? Adding to the few million taels that she could mobilize in the Medical Pavilion, why couldn't she buy a dose of medicinal liquid?

"Elder Rong, that dose of medicinal liquid is Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid!" Fang Ya's voice was fraught with excitement. "It is said that it can allow spirit cultivators below high-level spirit cultivators to cultivate for twice the result with half the effort! Just think, in Long Yuan Kingdom, middle-level spirit cultivators are the most common! Especially those royals and nobles, who wouldn't want to cultivate even faster? If we can get a dose of this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid, don't tell me we actually have to worry about not selling it for a good price?"

Elder Rong completely blanked out. It was a good thing that he had lived for many years, so his temperament was not as impetuous as Fang Ya's. Thus, he suppressed his heart's excitement and stretched out his arm towards her.

"Hand that Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid over. I need to see if it really has this effect."

Fang Ya finally reacted, hurriedly placing the porcelain bottle in her hands in front of Elder Rong.

"This is the Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid."

Elder Rong shakily extended his hand, grasping the porcelain bottle in front of him. He slowly opened the lid, placing it under the tip of his nose for a sniff. After a while, a wave of fragrant scent wafted up, making his mind jolt and his entire body extremely relaxed.

"This Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid really has the effect of helping to cultivate." Elder Rong inhaled deeply. Don't look at his current overly calm expression, his inside had actually long been incessantly turbulent. "However, this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid has a flaw. I could feel it just now, its medicinal effects are too potent. Even if it has spirit-gathering effects, it can't be consumed, otherwise, it will undoubtedly cause death."

Fang Ya slightly paused, suddenly dawning on her that Elder Rong had misunderstood her meaning, so she hurriedly explained, "Elder Rong, this isn't for oral consumption, rather it is used for making a medicinal bath. Spirit cultivators cultivating while bathing in it can have the result of gathering spirit energy."

"So it is actually like this, so it is actually like this."

Elder Rong suddenly understood, his mind was brimming with excitement. "Ya'er, we must buy this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid. I will now give you the authority to mobilize 10 million taels in the Medical Pavilion, and while you are at it, you will ask this young lady if she has any more of this Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid. We will buy as much as she has!"

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