I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 567: Late?

Chapter 567: Late?

While Hana took care of Yui and they ate lunch together, Shishio was ignored and stayed in Hana’s room alone.

Hana didn’t turn on the air conditioner in her room, which made him sigh, feeling the heat in this room was almost unbearable. He felt like he was in a sauna, but what was even worse, she came back for a moment in a hurry and caused her towel to slip down, showing her matured body.

Shishio sat on her bed and let out a depressed sigh, wondering what kind of sin he had done that he had to receive this treatment.

Still, he looked around Hana’s room curiously.

He didn’t open her wardrobe or anything. Instead, he just walked around to see something interesting.

While he didn’t think that he would find something, he didn’t expect to find out the fact that Hana was sleeping in this room alone. He didn’t see the existence of her husband in every corner of this room.

“Are they sleeping separately?”

He knew that there were many types of marriages and when they fought, they often stayed in separate beds.

Yet if this happened, he felt their marriage was on the verge of crumbling.

“Still, what’s happening?”

Shishio was confused.

After all, Yui didn’t show much change or sadness when they were together. She always had this cheerful smile like sunshine.

Was that an act?

He didn’t think so since he knew Yui wasn’t smart enough to mask her emotion.

When something unpleasant happened, everything would be shown on her face like an open book.

In other words, were her parents so good at masking their emotions?


They were adults, after all, and they loved Yui well, so they didn’t show their fights right in front of their daughter.

Still, everything was just his speculation, and if he wanted to know, he had to ask Hana more. After all, it wasn’t good to jump to a conclusion.

What if she was just sexually frustrated?

Shishio knew what kind of a creature a woman was.

Their tears were their weapons, and it was enough to tame any fierce men into their slaves.

Still, for him, their tears were something that he could use to seduce them.

“I wonder how long she is going to leave me like this.” He let out a sigh, feeling quite depressed to follow a random married woman on the street.

Hana was Yui’s mother, so she might also have had a scatterbrain like Yui.

Shishio sat on Hana’s bed and didn’t do anything. Still, he must admit her room smelled so good. It was sweet, yet there was this warm feeling which made him feel like he was being embraced.

Still, instead of staying in this place, he wanted to go back since he felt the arms of his girlfriends were more comfortable.

Hana’s arms might also be nice since she had hugged him in the bathroom before, but it was impossible for their relationship to continue unless she divorced.

Shishio waited for a while until he heard the sound of hurried footsteps.

The door was opened, and Hana returned along with his clothes. “Hurry up and put on your clothes.” She also quickly closed her door and even locked it in case her daughter came. She knew she might be overcautious, but if they were seen by her daughter, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Thanks.” Shishio sighed in relief when he received his clothes. “How is Yui-senpai?”

“She is in the living room…” However, Hana stopped and asked in disbelief, “You know I am Yui’s mother?” She only realized it, but this guy seemed to have noticed that she was the mother of Yui.

“Well, you have your family photo in the living room. Of course, I notice, or are you trying to trick me or something?” Shishio asked with a hint of tease.

Hana blushed, showing embarrassment.

Shishio knew it was wrong, but he wanted to take her lips when she blushed like this.

“I wonder why it has become like this…”

Hana only wanted to prank Shishio, but she didn’t expect everything to be out of control, and if she wasn’t careful, her daughter might even hate her for what she had done.

Shishio only patted her shoulder since everything was her fault, especially the part where she tried to wash his body. If his will wasn’t strong, he might leap into her and eat her whole.

Still, that desire didn’t disappear, only suppressed by his morale since he knew that doing this kind of thing with a married woman was wrong.

“…How long are you going to stay like this?” Hana suddenly asked with a reddened face. Even if she must admit his body was good and she wanted to watch it, she knew this guy had to wear his clothes.

“I want to wear my clothes, but you’re here.” Shishio was speechless. “Or do you want to watch over me?”


Hana quickly walked out of the room in a hurry, showing a cute appearance that didn’t match her age.

“How cute…”

Shishio felt that Hana was really a disaster since she wrecked his heart apart, trying to tempt him like a shark under the seduction of fresh blood. His little Shishio was so hard, and he wondered whether it would fit into his pants, which made him slightly depressed.

Still, under this hard work, he was able to wear his pants.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

“Oga-kun, are you done?”

The sound of Hana from the outside was heard, but she didn’t want to be heard by her daughter, so her voice was faint.


Hana entered without hesitation and closed it again. She saw him wearing clothes, and while she sighed in relief, there was also a disappointment.

“When can I go back?”

It was impossible for him to stay.

No, he didn’t want to stay.

Shishio was afraid the urge he suppressed inside his heart would explode. Instead of staying in this place, it was better to go back.

“Wait for Yui to take a nap. She usually sleeps after a while.”

Hana also felt it was better for Shishio to go back. After all, it was already impossible to explain why he was here. She also didn’t have the confidence to make an excuse.


Shishio nodded and could only follow her arrangement since he could do nothing.

The two suddenly fell into silence again, and they weren’t sure how to talk at this moment, yet they couldn’t be blamed since it was impossible for them to carry on a pleasant conversation in this situation.

“Isn’t it better for you to stay with Yui-senpai? If you stay out too long, she might get suspicious.”

“Ah, right!” Hana quickly nodded and was about to go out, but she stopped and said, “I will tell you when it is time to go back. You should stay in bed, and you can also turn on the air conditioner since it is hot, right?”

“Yes.” Shishio nodded.

“By the way, do you need cold water?”

Shishio looked at Hana and wondered why this woman was so kind.

‘Aunty, if you’re so gentle with me, I am afraid I might fall for you.’


However, it was impossible for him to keep all of that, so he only nodded and agreed with her offer.

“Wait for a moment.”

Shishio didn’t do anything and waited until he could come out.

By then, Hana had returned and brought him cold water to drink.

The cold water cooled his body, and the air conditioner made him even more comfortable.

However, he didn’t sleep on Hana’s bed since he was afraid he didn’t want to go home. He waited for a while before she returned again and said in a whisper, “Yui has slept.”

Shishio nodded and didn’t waste his time going back.

As for his groceries, he decided to leave them here since he was afraid it was impossible to take them, and he also didn’t want Hana to awaken Yui.

On the other hand, Hana looked at Shishio with a complicated gaze. “Be careful.”

“Yeah.” Shishio nodded. “I will go out quietly, so your neighbor won’t notice me.”


This wasn’t what Hana wanted to say, but she was grateful for his consideration. “Tha-Thank you.” Still, she was so shy.

“By the way, next time, don’t bring a random young man like me.”

“…Why?” Hana asked curiously.

“Because if you’re not careful, they might eat you,” Shishio whispered deep into Hana’s ear before he left quietly.


Hana could only watch him left in a daze while covering her reddened ear. Still, she might not realize that her panties were slightly damp at this moment.

Hiratsuka sighed and felt tired, but when she entered her apartment, she heard a familiar voice.

“Welcome back,” Shisho said with a gentle smile. “Are you tired? Dinner is almost ready. You should wait for a while.”

However, Hiratsuka didn’t answer him. Instead, she just jumped into him and hugged him tightly. She took a deep breath and sniffed his scent. It was so refreshing, and it made all of her exhaustion vanish.

Shishio smiled and carried her in his arms. “Are you tired?”

“Um.” Hiratsuka nodded like a little girl. “I am so tired! I don’t want to work! Why do the students have a summer vacation, but the teachers don’t!” She was full of complaints about the work of adults.

However, Shishio listened patiently, and it might be because of Hana. He sighed inwardly and thought he should have doted on this woman tonight.

“Mom, why did you make so much?” Yui asked curiously, looking at the dishes on the table.

“Really?” Hana only smiled and said, “Anyway, just eat. You have been playing around so long, after all, so you should be hungry, right?” Honestly, she was so hungry since she hadn’t eaten after she met him, but it was impossible to utter those words from her mouth.

“But, mom, you seem to be more beautiful. What kind of make-up did you use?” Yui asked again.

On the other hand, Sable, their dog, slept peacefully on the ground.

“…How about you eat first?” Hana said, trying to erase the memory that had happened previously.

“Oh.” Yui nodded and didn’t say much, but after a moment of hesitation, she asked, “When is dad going to go home?”

“…He is busy with his work.” Hana gently patted her daughter’s head and said, “Let’s eat first.”

“Okay.” Yui was sensible, so she nodded and started to eat.

Hana sighed inwardly and started to eat, but no one knew what she was thinking. “Say, Yui, can you tell me more about your friend?”

“My friend?” Yui looked at her mother curiously.

“Yeah, you often say his name, right? If I am not wrong, Shishio-kun…”

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