My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease

Chapter 579 - 579 Mr. Qin Wants to Eat Someone Alive

579 Mr. Qin Wants to Eat Someone Alive

“Alright, give me as many of these three as you have.”

“Alright, Miss. Take a seat first. I’ll pack it up for you now. Come, come, come. It’s dusty here. Come and sit there.”

The fat man immediately brought two chairs over. Seeing that the chairs had not been sat on for a long time and were covered in a layer of dust, he immediately wiped them with his clothes and carried them to the door with a smile. “Come, sit here.”

After finding a place for his big customers to sit, he began to take out all his stock. However, when he saw that a few stacks of talisman papers had been bitten by rats, he almost cried.

This was all money! Ahhh!

Although his heart was bleeding, he still took out the talisman paper that was bitten by the rats and packed it carefully. He brought it to Qin Xi and said with a smile, “Please take a look and see if you’re satisfied with these.”

Qin Xi rubbed it carefully and sniffed it. Although the smell was a little strong, the quality was indeed about the same as before.

“Alright, that’s all. Count how much it is.”

The fat man immediately stretched out five fingers and smiled obsequiously. “50,000.”

Mr. Qin immediately took out his card. “Can I pay by card?”



After shopping for three hours, Qin Xi and her father went to Stone Gambling Street. In two days, the family would go on a trip. The more money, the better. After she left, her father would not have to work so hard every day.

Mr. Qin did not know what Qin Xi was thinking. He thought that she liked jade. “Xi, if you like jade, let’s go to a jewelry shop. I’ll buy one for you.”

“Dad, it’s not that I like jade, but I think it’s safer to bring more money with us when we go on a trip. When the time comes, we can buy whatever we want and stay in whatever hotel we want.”

The other street next to the antique street would be the stone gambling street.

Looking at the bustling street, Mr. Qin clicked his tongue. “I didn’t expect there to be so many people here.”

Previously, there were already a lot of people on the antique street. He did not expect that compared to this place, the antique street was nothing. Everyone was probably thinking the same thing. They wanted to come here and make some quick money!

Qin Xi looked at a few shops and was not satisfied.

Mr. Qin asked in confusion, “Is the material not good, or what?”

After a day, Mr. Qin realized that his daughter’s personality had improved. She was confident, calm, and had a powerful aura. If he did not know her actual age, he would think that she was a cunning person in the business world!

He sighed with emotion. It was good to have such a daughter, but it did not give him a sense of accomplishment as a father. However, he was filled with pride and thought that his daughter was good in every way. She was simply the best daughter in the world.

However, when he suddenly remembered that his daughter was already married in the parallel world, he felt uncomfortable, especially towards the brat who had snatched his precious daughter. He gritted his teeth in hatred.

If he could also transmigrate, he would definitely beat that brat up.

Sensing the murderous aura around Mr. Qin, Qin Xi looked over suspiciously and happened to see him muttering something. He gritted his teeth as if he wanted to eat someone alive.

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