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Chapter 900 - Guardian Spirit Ancient Ancestor

Chapter 900 - Guardian Spirit Ancient Ancestor

Fallen Divine Ridge is an extremely ancient, but incomparably large sect. Fallen deities were demons, and demons were one of the four great ancestral courts!

This was a young man with scarlet hair. A pair of horns grew from his head, making him look extremely sinister.

“Where did this cow come from, not even completing your evolution, yet already coming out to scare others. Go back and refine away your cow horns first.” The little rabbit glared with her large red eyes.

“I am only here to pass on the message. Whether you all decide to go is your choice.” This youth sensed killing intent and immediately backed off. He wasn’t of the impulsive type, not wishing to suffer for no reason.

He cupped his fists and then turned around to leave, not staying here for even a moment longer. Only when he was in the distance and about to disappear did he say again, “Divine Child great one is about to come out from isolation, so please have Huang prepare to greet him.”

“That cow really does run quickly…” The Divine Striking Stone said. It originally wanted to take action and directly smash outwards to break one of its horns, but it was stopped by Qing Yi.

“Fighting is prohibited in the Black Abyss’ surroundings. There are natives maintaining order here.”

This was a restricted place. There were natives from all different races standing guard here, waiting to exchange for the artifacts cultivators brought out from below. Battles were not permitted here.

“Why hasn’t Shi Hao come back up yet? Don’t tell me that he encountered some type of danger, right? This isn’t some kind place!” Cao Yusheng frowned.

“Should be okay.” The little rabbit said. She felt that since Huang could even come back from the black-colored ancient boat, this abyss shouldn’t be too troublesome for him.

Time continued to pass. They waited left and right for Shi Hao’s return, and eventually, they all frowned, feeling that things weren’t quite right.

Forget about those who were with Shi Hao, even the ones that went after he went down had came up again a long time ago. This was just too slow. Even if he traveled two thousand zhang, he still should have returned.

The first hundred zhang was a safe region. Once one passed this region, it became difficult to say. Generally speaking, it was already extremely rare for one to travel one or two thousand zhang.

Normally, it was extremely rare for anyone to break through three thousand zhang, even the furthest would be merely two thousand or so zhang.

A single wait took up the small half of a day. In the end, group after group of people went down and returned. Based on normal reasoning, the amount of time should have long passed, and he should already be back.

“Heh, could it be that Huang died below? If that’s really the case, then it’ll definitely be a huge joke. Someone so powerful fell in the Black Abyss and died!”

As time went on, quite a few people who were paying close attention to Shi Hao’s party revealed strange expressions. Some of them began to discuss in soft voices.

“What is so strange about that? In the past, there were some ancient freaks who didn’t believe in evils, wishing to explore things to their end, ultimately falling to the bottom of the abyss, their bodies and dao erased.”

At this time, everyone began to suspect that something unexpected happened to Shi Hao, because normally, even if he traveled ten thousand zhang, he should have returned.

However, who dared to travel that far? Not even heavenly deities could do it!

One has to understand that the rough stone walls were extremely strange, more terrifying the lower one went. The symbols that were released were impossible to withstand, injuring or even making those climbing fall.

“Could it be that Huang is going to fall here? Haha… why do I feel so happy?!” Someone roared with laughter, his voice ringing from left and right, the source unknown.

He didn’t dare reveal his real body out of fear of being captured by Cao Yusheng and the others. However, he was secretly mocking others in an unrestrained manner.

Most of the people here became silent, all of them feeling that Shi Hao encountered danger, that something unexpected might have happened.

A small group of people revealed joy, hard to hide the happiness on their faces, for example, those from Demonic Sunflower Garden, Beast Sea, and Heavenly Country. They all bore hostility against Shi Hao.

“If he really did die, then it would be too great.” The people laughing in secret became even happier.

“Haha, if he really did die from his own decisions, then that’s completely suicide. Who said he had to enter the Black Abyss?”

“Wu, I originally wanted to see Fallen Divine Child kill him. Rumor has it that Divine Child great one might have taken that step, so killing him would definitely be as easy as chopping vegetables. I never expected him to look for death himself, throwing his life away ahead of time.”


Suddenly, a figure rushed out while sticking to the abyss’ stone walls, immediately landing on the ground. He wore tattered armor on his body, and with the ferocious movements, the rust that was on it began to fall.


Shi Hao put away the armor, his eyes ice-cold as he swept through the crowd, making this place immediately become silent. Not even those in hiding dared to speak again.

“This is too great, he finally returned!” The little rabbit was bouncing about excitedly, reaching out her hands while shouting noisily, asking for good stuff.


An afterimage remained at his original location. Shi Hao disappeared, and then with several up and down movements, he carried over three individuals, tossing them fiercely onto the ground.

“Sure enough, they are Heavenly Country’s executioners and Underworld Clan’s corpses.” Cao Yusheng said.

Shi Hao raised his feet, about to kick them into the abyss. Towards these people, there was no need to say too much, just directly eliminate them and that was that.

“Stay your hand. You are not allowed to use force here.” Someone from the natives walked over, eyes cold, exerting powerful pressure.

“Right, you cannot kill us.” The three captives cried out, as if they were clawing at their life saving straw.


Shi Hao didn’t kick them down, but he stepped down on each of their bodies, almost trampling apart their bones. The three of them immediately screamed miserably.

“Murderer! Everyone, please uphold justice here!” Even though there weren’t any injuries, the three of them screamed frantically, wishing for the natives to take action and kill Shi Hao.

“You cannot act rudely here.” The Centaur Race, Eight Armed Spirit Race, Ancient Fiend Race and other natives walked over, their expressions serious.

However, with each step they walked closer, the expressions of the elders among them changed, revealing expressions of disbelief, as if they sensed something. Their eyes flourished with radiance as they stared at Shi Hao.

“Young esteemed guest, we are willing to exchange for the things in your hands!” An elder spoke up with a trembling voice, hurriedly walking over.

Moreover, when they passed by the three captives, they directly kicked outwards, sending them one after another into the abyss, cleanly eliminating them.

“Ah, no! Save us!” Miserable cries sounded from the abyss below.

“All of you… are there any others who dare to treat our esteemed guest with disrespect and stand out?” The other elders also walked over, shouting towards the surrounding creatures.

Everyone became stupefied. Were they watching a play?

“I understand, he definitely found formidable things below, and these Immortal Ancient natives sensed them.” Someone said softly.

When others heard this, their eyes all flourished with brilliance as they looked towards Shi Hao. Unfortunately, they didn’t dare to steal from this devil king even if they were the bravest in the world. They could only watch from the side.

With a huala sound, SHi Hao threw a pile of things onto the ground, for example, Star Essence, Sun Stone, ruined weapons, a purple crystal core, and other things. They were all rare divine materials, invaluable things.

These were things he found on the walls when coming up.

After all, he traveled a hundred thousand zhang, far surpassing everyone’s imaginations. Even if he didn’t deliberately look around, he still encountered a few divine materials along the way.

The eyes of those around him immediately stood up straight. There were quite a few materials that would even move sect masters, all of them able to produce world shocking precious artifacts.

“I only need holy medicines, divine medicines, and the like.” Shi Hao said, willing to exchange with the natives.

“No problem!” An elder replied joyously. Then, he lowered his voice, saying, “Esteemed guest, do you have other divine objects on you? We are willing to exchange for them.”

“I don’t.” Shi Hao shook his head, but his mind was moved. He still had the Willow Deity’s branch on him, but how could he exchange that?

“Something’s not right. You definitely do. You have immortal energy on your body.”

“There is the aura of guardian spirit ancient ancestor!”

The elders that came from different clans all spoke like this.

This shook Shi Hao’s mind, but he didn’t say too much. He didn’t wish to gift the Willow Deity’s branch to others, wishing to keep it himself.

“Hurry and just exchange for these. I still have other matters to tend to.” He urged.

In the end, he was perfectly satisfied, and the surrounding people were petrified. It was because he obtained many stalks of holy medicines, making this place resplendent. Medicinal fragrance was rich, a rain of light drifting about.

“Wa, we’re rich! So much radish and cabbage, I want to eat them!” The little rabbit cried out with ao ao sounds. She was the one that was most happy.

Shi Hao put away the precious medicines and brought his people away, leaving the Black Abyss.

Then, in the following two days, the elders of the natives were like glue, sticking to Shi Hao’s back. They didn’t take action either, just following without leaving.

“Youngster, you should hand that thing over to us.”

“Did you old fellas go crazy?” The little rabbit muttered.

Cao Yusheng said, “Lower your voice, don’t let the others hear. I say, Shi Hao, what kind of thing did you obtain exactly to make these old fellas like this? You might as well just exchange it with them.”

“I’m leaving to collect life saving items. When I’ve gathered enough, I will immediately leave Burial City to enter isolation. I am going to cultivate a second strand of immortal energy.” Shi Hao was also at his wit’s end from being chased, unable to break free all this time.

Meanwhile, there was no way he could fight against these natives. Otherwise, there would be huge troubles, with no place safe left in Immortal Ancient.

Burial City had a region where the buildings’ style was unique. They were all made from jade, looking like bejeweled palaces. There were many creatures here. People came and went, making it exceptionally lively.

“Extremely precious medicines for sale here, must take a look!”

“Heavens, there are rumors of information on the Heavenly Deity Fruit. A single fruit will immediately allow you to become a heavenly deity!”

Burial City’s greatest auction house was here. Green jade was used as the staircase, white jade as the arch bridge. The massive palace released auspicious multicolored light, the spiritual essence here dense, making it seem like a heavenly temple.

“Huang, we finally meet.” A voice sounded.

Shi Hao’s group arrived at the auction house. As soon as they were about to enter, they encountered someone with gray hair. On his back was even a pair of strange wings, one black and one white, as if there were yin and yang energy swirling about.

“Fallen Divine Child?” Shi Hao narrowed his eyes. He had this type of feeling as soon as he saw the other party. This person was Fallen Divine Child, because his aura was too powerful.

“How terrifying!” The surrounding people shivered inwardly. They all couldn’t help but back up, their faces becoming miserably white one after another.

Fallen Divine Child’s eyes were incomparably deep, within them unexpectedly the terrifying scenes of deities and devils falling, and even the heavens being destroyed, all things withering away.

This person’s eyes contained demonic characteristics. The creatures nearby cried out, their faces becoming pale. Their legs gave out, their bodies falling weakly onto the ground.

The others hurriedly moved backwards, all of them exceptionally shocked.

“You really have some arrogance, hmm? I had others come look for you, yet he was ignored.” Fallen Divine Child spoke. At this time, a faint smile appeared on his face, the terrifying scenes in his eyes disappearing.

He had sharp eyebrows and stellar eyes, his face handsome. His smile became greater and greater, becoming more and more resplendent. It was as if a blazing sun rose here, erupting with brilliance.

His temperament became completely different, incomparably warm, making one feel as if they were bathed in autumn winds. Everyone felt a sense of reverence towards him.

Shi Hao frowned. He knew that this person definitely took that step, cultivating immortal energy. This individual was extremely dangerous. Only, it was difficult for normal people to sense it.

However, he was still fearless, because he had long taken that step, cultivating immortal energy, just that he never gave it away. This was done precisely to draw out the old enemy, Fallen Divine Child, and then use this to kill him.

“Since you didn’t come to meet me, I personally came to see you.” Fallen Divine Child’s head of gray hair fluttered about, his smile extremely brilliant as he walked over step by step.

All of the creatures here felt their hearts trembling. They all looked towards that direction. A commotion immediately broke out. The ancient freak Fallen Divine Child had appeared, clearly for Huang. He was going to take action!

“Who do you think you are, for me to have an audience with you?” Shi Hao calmly replied.

“You seem to be more powerful than your two senior brothers. However, your end will be the same. Back then, they both crawled under my feet.” Fallen Divine Child said softly.

“Youngster, you should be careful when you speak. A loose tongue causes troubles.” Right at this moment, the elders behind Shi Hao walked out, their expressions unkind.

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