Reincarnated With The Strongest System

Chapter 1234 My Faith ls ln Your Hands [Part 2]

Chapter 1234 My Faith ls ln Your Hands [Part 2]

(Disclaimer: Minor R-18 scenes. Nothing too *Ahem*.)


The sound of licking, kissing, and suckling spread inside the room as William’s tongue, and lips wandered all over Shana’s right breast, raising her sensitivity, and making her feel so good, that her knees had already turned to jelly.

Fortunately, the Half-Elf was supporting her waist, so the moment she lost her strength to stand, he laid her down gently on the bed before continuing to savor the proud peaks that she had offered to him.

William’s left hand had already moved to her left breast and gently kneaded it, while playing with the pink tip that had started to become firm with his fingers. Whenever the Half-Elf bit, and pinched the pink nipples of the blue-haired beauty under him, a sweet sigh of pleasure would escape Shana’s lips, making Melody, who was watching from the side, feel something hot start to spread inside her body.

At first, the Virtuous Lady of Faith only felt a burning sensation on her cheeks due to embarrassment, but as time went on, she felt a tingling sensation start to spread in her chest then down into her lower abdomen, which was something that she hadn’t felt before.

‘What is this feeling?’ Melody thought as she tried to endure the ache, which was starting to spread inside her body like wildfire.

While the beauty, with long reddish-brown hair, stood in confusion about the unfamiliar sensations that she was feeling inside her body, William continued to savor Shana’s blood, as well as the sweet sighs that came from her seductive lips.

A quarter of an hour later, William licked and kissed the wounds that were located just an inch above Shana’s right nipple in order to heal them completely.

After doing so, he looked at the blue-haired beauty who was still panting for breath. He kissed her forehead then her cheeks, before giving her one swift kiss on the lips before whispering something in her ear.

“Thank you,” William whispered before pulling back to caress the side of her face. “Did you feel good?”

“Yes,” Shana replied before cupping William’s face. “You better give me a bonus later. Fondling my chest wasn’t part of the deal.”

William chuckled before nodding his head. “Sorry, I got carried away. Understood. I will give you bonus points later.”

“As long as you understand,” Shana gave William’s cheeks a light pinch before letting her hands fall to her sides. She closed her eyes to immerse herself from the lingering pleasure that had seeped inside her body, and was almost tempted to tell the handsome Half-Elf to finish what he started.

However, she didn’t do that. According to her Divinity, if she really did give William permission to do that, the chances of the black-haired teenager doing as she wished, and having her maidenhood taken from her, was very high.

Although she was half tempted to do that, she was still thinking properly, so she made sure to not say, or do anything, that might seduce the Half-Elf and push him into turning her into a woman.

William then shifted his attention to Melody, and the moment their eyes met, the Virtuous Lady of Faith gave an involuntary shudder because she felt the Half-Elf’s strong desire to possess her.

This discovery made her feel anxious and happy at the same time. However, as the minutes passed, William just looked at her, and didn’t make any move to reach out to her.

It was as if he was fighting an internal battle, and doing his best to keep the voices that were whispering in his ears to corrupt Melody at bay.

Five minutes later, the Half-Elf took a deep breath after finally regaining his composure. He then cupped Melody’s face and kissed her softly, and gently, not using his tongue to pry her lips open and conquer it one-sidedly.

In truth, Melody preferred this kind of kiss because it wasn’t forceful, and it made her feel good. After a minute, William placed his hand on the strings that held her nightwear in place and gave them a tug.

Immediately, the silky, black, nightwear fell down to Melody’s waist, exposing her pale-white body, that was a shade lighter than Shana. William eyed her moderately-sized breasts and saw that the pink tips on them were already standing firm.

Clearly, the Virtuous Lady of Faith was aroused, and her body was aching for William’s touch.

Not wanting to make her wait any further, William kissed her lips once more as he gently laid her down on the bed. He then kissed her right cheek, her right ear, and nibbled on it, making Melody squirm due to the ticklish feeling.

After teasing her for a bit, William kissed her neck before going down to kiss her collarbone. He continued to kiss her downwards until his lips pressed over the bulge of her chest. William kissed it gently in a circular motion, completely ignoring the pink tip that was standing firm, and waiting for his attention.

After kissing her right breast, William moved toward her left, making sure to kiss her cleavage before repeating the same pattern he had made on her left breast.

“W-Why are you bullying me?” Melody asked as the aching sensation she was feeling intensified. It was as if she was suffering from an itch, and someone was scratching around it, making her feel frustrated.

A moment later, a gasp of surprise escaped Melody’s lips when William’s lips started to move downwards until they arrived at her belly button. The Half-Elf then did something unthinkable and started to lick that place, making the Virtuous Lady’s body squirm due to the unexpected sensation that swept through her body.

When William stopped messing with her belly button, his lips traveled once more and moved downwards, making Melody feel alarmed.

“T-That place is…,” Melody stuttered as William lowered her nightwear until it reached her lower abdomen.

The nightwear was only two inches away from her important place, and if William were to pull it down he would be able to see her…

However, as if purposely wanting to tease her, William no longer pulled the nightwear that covered the most important place that had not been seen by any man.

William then kissed, licked, and lightly bit her lower abdomen, which was located right above her womb.

In truth, the Half-Elf was doing this to douse the flame of desire that was starting to surge inside his chest. By sating his desire by marking Melody’s abdomen with his kisses, the flames in his chest, and loins, subsided back to tolerable levels.

Shana, who had finally regained her composure, looked at this scene with great curiosity. Her eyes glowed faintly as she used the power of her Divinity to check whether William was going to harm her friend or not.

The possibility that appeared in front of her astounded her.

‘H-He wanted to corrupt her this badly?’ Shana thought as she looked at the black-haired teenager who was currently making her sister frantically grip the bed-sheets, as she endured William’s unexpected move on her young, and delicate body.

‘Fortunately, he is still able to hold back his desire,’ Shana’s gaze didn’t leave the Half-Elf and wondered how it would feel if William did the same thing to her.

Several minutes later, William finally raised his head to look at the panting Melody who had already become teary-eyed due to his unexpected action.

“I’m sorry,” William said as he raised Melody’s nightwear up to her waist. “I thought I had managed to reign in my desires, but after kissing you reignited it once again.”

William laid beside Melody and gave her a hug. He no longer made any move to tease her, and simply hugged her, calming his tainted heart that was aching to conquer the Virtuous Lady of Faith, who had buried her head in his chest.

The black-haired teenager patted Melody’s head, while the latter wrapped her arms around his back and held him tight.

Shana watched this scene and felt conflicted. A moment later, she sighed internally before whispering something in William’s ear.

“The third wheel is going away now,” Shana whispered. “Please, don’t corrupt her. She’s more fragile than she looks. I’ll sleep in your room tonight.”

After saying those words, the blue-haired beauty fixed her nightdress and took a bathrobe from the closet. She then moved towards the door in order to leave William and her sister alone. After using her Divinity, she understood that this was the best course of action.

By leaving the two of them alone, they would be able to tell each other what they really wanted to say, without worrying about anyone else sharing their secret.

Shana gave the two people who were hugging each other on the bed one last glance before leaving the room.

She knew that after this night was over, her sister would finally be able to understand her true feelings, towards the man whom Shana believed was doing his best to prevent the two of them from falling into the darkness with him.

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