The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2449: Split (1)

Chapter 2449: Split (1)

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When Su Luo walked over, Fairy Wuyou was still brooding at the same spot. She still hadn't thought of a plan to reach the Fifth Floor.

However, as time went on, the clusters of yellow fog grew in number as they drifted around in the air like numerous floating sandbags. A careless person could easily collide into one.

Li Manman exclaimed, “What a huge dragon!”

Fairy Wuyou stared daggers at Li Manman.

A silent palm strike exploded towards Li Manman!

Her warning was very obvious, it meant only two words: shut up!

This was because shrill sounds would wake the Giant Golden Dragon up.

Li Manman definitely couldn't defend against Fairy Wuyou’s attack. Thus, Su Luo stepped forward and stood in front of Li Manman, nullifying Fairy Wuyou’s attack.

However, Su Luo instantly felt a tinge of sweetness in her throat, before the metallic taste of blood gushed up.

Su Luo calmly swallowed the metallic taste without batting an eye, acting as if nothing had happened.

Fairy Wuyou’s gaze swept across Su Luo’s body, and her eyes burned with flames of fury! Had time permitted, she definitely wouldn’t have let Su Luo take this hit so easily.

“Hmpf!” Fairy Wuyou snorted heavily.

At the same time, the snores of the originally sleeping Giant Golden Dragon suddenly stopped.

Everyone was shocked!

Subconsciously, everyone started scrambling backwards frantically!

A thought flashed across everyone’s minds: ‘The Giant Golden Dragon is awakening!’

Everyone retreated, leaving only two people behind. One was Fairy Wuyou, and the other was naturally Su Luo.

These two people both wanted to seize the opportunity to fly to the fifth floor when when the Giant Golden Dragon awakened.

However, this matter was fated to be a false alarm.

The Giant Golden Dragon raised its head and flicked its tail. Upon finding a comfortable position, it started snoring again…

“Phew——” Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Following this, those who had flown far away flew back to their original positions one by one.

Fairy Wuyou’s face had turned even sourer now, and Su Luo also looked depressed.

The Giant Golden Dragon had indeed moved. However, this wasn't any better than when it didn't move.

Earlier, its dragon breath was similarly pointed towards the entrance, but it was just slightly off. Now it was much better. The dragon breath was angled just right, and it shot out like a cannonball towards the tunnel.

Moreover, as more and more people came over, their voices became noisier and noisier, until even Fairy Wuyou’s authority could not suppress them.

Fairy Wuyou glared at these people harshly. Afterwards, she grabbed a person beside her and cruelly threw them towards the tunnel!

The person cried out. Then as their body was consumed by the yellow dragon breath, their screams of agony rang out non-stop.

Fairy Wuyou took advantage of this moment. Her body moved, and with a swift flash, she turned into a streak of white light and suddenly rushed into the narrow tunnel.


With a soft noise, the figure of Fairy Wuyou was already gone.

This meant that Fairy Wuyou had finally reached the Fifth floor successfully. It was just a pity for the man she used as cannon fodder.

Li Banli’s reaction was extremely fast.

Just as Fairy Wuyou was doing this, he was already copying her actions. He reached out and grabbed someone before swiftly leaping up.


Li Banli also went in.

This approach was the strong blatantly using the weak. Naturally, the weak could only become cannon fodder here.

The consecutive successes of Fairy Wuyou and Li Banli stirred up everyone's excitement.

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