The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2451: Split (3)

Chapter 2451: Split (3)

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Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Outside the Tower of Trials, the group flew out and landed in a messy pile.

After the Giant Golden Dragon scanned around and felt that the little critters were all eliminated, it lay down again, falling asleep almost immediately.

As for the few people that were pushed up by its head… the Giant Golden Dragon seemed completely unaware of them.

The fifth floor…

Unlike the previous four floors which all had assigned missions, the fifth floor was mainly designed for resting and recuperation.

There was no danger whatsoever here, so everyone was resting at the moment.

Not many people were able to enter the fifth floor. As such, only a total of twenty-odd people remained.

Naturally, people who were close to each other formed circles, and the crowd began to separate into small groups one by one.

Fairy Wuyou was surrounded by the most people, with at least a dozen or so people at her side.

Suddenly, there was a burst of loud noise from their side, and a voice mentioned ‘Su Luo.’

Since the matter concerned herself, Su Luo’s ears naturally perked up and listened in.

It turned out that of the two people that were arguing. One was Mo Ze, and the other was Lin Banli.

Lin Banli's face turned red with anger as he grabbed Mo Ze's collar and warned angrily, "Speak clearly, you weirdo with a stick. Who are you trying to slander?!"

Mo Ze sneered at Lin Banli: "You know what you have done. Who has time to bother slandering you?"

Lin Banli was furious; his bloodshot eyes bore into Mo Ze.

His fingers tightened their grip on Mo Ze’s neck, choking the latter. Nevertheless, Lin Banli continued tightening his grip more and more, even as veins protruded from his fingers!

"Cough cough--" Mo Ze's face went from pale white to red and then to purple……

His eyes bulged out viciously. If Lin Banli did not let go soon, Mo Ze would choke to death right now!

"Wu……you…… " Mo Ze looked at Fairy Wuyou for help.

Fairy Wuyou coldly narrowed her eyes towards Lin Banli and said indifferently: "Stop."

Lin Banli was so furious that he didn't listen to Fairy Wuyou's words!

It didn't matter if a person died in the Tower of Trials anyway; it wasn’t an actual death!

Therefore, instead of saying anything, Lin Banli's tightened his grip on Mo Ze’s neck by a few measures!

"Clack clack——"

Mo Ze’s bones cracked crisply and clearly.

Fairy Wuyou's gorgeous face was tinged with a thin layer of anger! This was the first time Lin Banli had blatantly disobeyed her!

For those who had been in the top position for a long time, Fairy Wuyou would only nod in acknowledgment no matter how well they performed. However, there was no going back after stepping out of line once.

Lin Banli was receiving exactly such treatment.

Fairy Wuyou had only suffered a loss with Su Luo; when had others disobeyed her before? If she opened her mouth, others had to comply, and Lin Banli's behavior left a very bad taste in her mouth.

Since he wouldn't heed her order, Fairy Wuyou made a move directly!

Her long and slender arms were like iron pincers squeezing Lin Banli's neck. Her cold eyes were like ice that had been frozen for a millennium. Enunciating every syllable, she stated: "I said, let, him, go!"

Lin Banli's body instantly froze!

He turned back foolishly and looked at Fairy Wuyou in disbelief. His voice trembled slightly: "Wuyou… you want to kill me?"

Wuyou actually wanted to kill him… for the sake of a man who was inferior to him, no less?

Lin Banli's eyes revealed a wounded expression.

Remembering Lin Banli's betrayal, Fairy Wuyou's heart hardened like iron, and the hand squeezing his neck hardened by 30%: "Will you let go?"

"What if I don’t let go?" Lin Banli stared desperately at his goddess.

"Then you will die!" Fairy Wuyou recalled Lin Banli's betrayal. Her heart had long filled with a belly of fire, and she was extremely disgusted to see him acting pitifully to gain her sympathy.

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