The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2403 - Slip Under One’s Nose (2)

Chapter 2403: Slip Under One’s Nose (2)

The whole merfolk’s hometown was lled with blood, and the dead bodies of the merpeople suspended

in the sea water were an extremely shocking sight.

Satan was admiring his work when suddenly, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows slightly.

He suddenly lost Shen Yanxiao’s aura!

Inside the secret room, Xi Yan hid her aura together with Shen Yanxiao. Shen Yanxiao held Neptune’s

trident in both hands and wiggled her sore wrists. The handcus that were originally fastened on her

wrists had been easily removed and were left in the room where she had been originally staying.

“In the end, that evil guy’s handcus are still handcus, aren’t they? Now, this little grandaunt gives them

back to you.” Shen Yanxiao was in a very good mood now. Aside from suppressing her power, the

handcus really posed no threat to her. It was very easy for her to unlock them. The only reason she did

not take them o before was because she was afraid of the outburst of some devil bastard. Right now,

Shen Yanxiao was able to sense through the sea uctuations that the devil bastard had roared back to the

palace, and the devil energy in the sea was getting stronger and stronger. Obviously, the devil bastard

must have seen the handcus and was throwing a hissy t.

This was her provocation!

Simple and crude provocation!

Shen Yanxiao had deliberately placed the handcus in a very conspicuous place to ensure that Satan

could see them as soon as he returned.

With just a little thought, Shen Yanxiao could imagine how ferocious Satan looked right now.

Without the suppression of the handcus, Shen Yanxiao’s merfolk strength nally poured into her body.

However, she was still afraid to try this power. Xi Yan had to spend a lot of strength to keep their auras

hidden, and Shen Yanxiao dared not fool around at this time.

A series of tremors came from the palace, causing Xi Yan to shudder in fright.

Shen Yanxiao embraced her from behind and gave her some comfort.

“Don’t be afraid, that bastard is burning with anger because he can’t nd me.” Shen Yanxiao smilingly

opened her mouth. God knew how furious she was when she was captured by Satan. Had it not been for

the fact that she was no match for him, Shen Yanxiao would have strangled Satan alive countless times


With Shen Yanxiao’s reassurance, Xi Yan’s mood had obviously stabilized a lot.

Shen Yanxiao sensed Satan’s outburst through the uctuation of the sea water. She could feel that Satan’s

anger had almost wiped out the whole merfolk’s hometown.

The tremor lasted for a long time before it gradually disappeared. Xi Yan said nervously, “Elder sister, that

bad guy seems to be leaving.”

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows slightly and evoked a smile in the corner of her lips.

Xi Yan’s room was very secluded. Bo Er had arranged this place very skillfully, in order to hide Xi Yan. Even

if Satan razed the whole palace to the ground, he would not nd them.

How furious would Satan be without Shen Yanxiao?

Seeing the readily available vessel disappear without any reason, Satan might be going mad right now.

Without any sign of her in the palace, Satan could only continue to expand the scope of his search, and so

his position gradually moved out of the merfolk’s hometown.

The shadow of death hanging over Shen Yanxiao’s head nally dissipated.

But at the moment, Shen Yanxiao was still afraid to make a move. She did not believe that Satan would

easily give up the search in the merfolk’s hometown.

To deal with cunning hunters, one must have enough patience.

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