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Chapter 15 – Spider Cave (4)

Chapter 15 – Spider Cave (4)

Shadow Clone Technique was a type of deception(ing) skill. Only towards experienced opponents, it was easy to see through the trick. As a result, the trick really only worked on NPCs. When players dueled, the Shadow Clone Technique was most commonly used by the Ninja as an instant movement skill.

Now, Lord Grim used it like this. The fake body was kept in the original position while his real body used the Shadow Clone Technique to instantly move to what was originally Sleeping Moon’s 4 o’clock position.

Everyone was still worried though because level 10 Battle Mages didn’t have any displacement skills yet. How would Lord Grim knock-back the spider BOSS?

They quickly realized that they were worrying too much. Lord Grim didn’t have any skill that could do so, but he had technique. A Sky Strike knocked-up the spider BOSS a little bit. Using this short time frame, he immediately rushed forward and hit it twice, pushing the spider BOSS towards Sleeping Moon.

Sleeping Moon was already standing on Lord Grim’s original 11 o’clock position. Lord Grim’s fake body still stood next to him. At this moment, Sleeping Moon felt absolutely embarrassed. He even hoped that Lord Grim would reprimand him a few times. But in the end, Lord Grim didn’t say a thing and just accurately pushed the BOSS towards him.

Sleeping Moon understood what he needed to do. With a Lunge, the big spider was once again kicked away.

Sleeping Moon mentally prepared for the incoming criticism from everyone, but in the end, he heard everyone amazed: “It’s bleeding.”

It wasn’t a person that was bleeding, it was the spider BOSS. The Bleed status effect couldn’t be made through a normal attack. It had to either come from a weapon effect or a skill effect.

At the present, no one’s weapon had this effect.

But there were skills that could cause this effect.

Double-Stab, a Battle Mage skill. Only, the Bleed effect from the Stab was a hidden effect. It wasn’t triggered through chance. It relied on the player himself to trigger it.

The method to activating it was by having both strikes from Double-Stab hit the exact same spot. This didn’t mean that both of them hitting an arm was fine. It meant that the second strike had to hit the hole that was stabbed open by the first strike. Only after doing this would there be a chance for the Bleed effect to take place. As for the probability of this happening, especially for a hidden effect, the data didn’t display it. After players tested it, it was believed to have more or less a 50% probability.

This probability could already be considered quite high. Only, it could only be done after completing a specific action. It was easy to perform this action on a dead target, but in non-stop combat, it required precision and reaction speed.

Glory had a lot of similar hidden skill effects, which all required difficult actions to activate.

If a normal player were to Stab out a Bleed, Seven Fields and the others would’ve considered it to be luck. But for Lord Grim to do so, they all considered it to be skill. With regards to Ye Xiu’s skill, they were already thoroughly convinced. It wasn’t just his individual skill, but his command over the team in this BOSS fight too. He wasn’t an ordinary expert, he was an expert among experts.

Seven Fields already felt somewhat embarrassed over trying to rope in Ye Xiu because their Full Moon Guild wasn’t even considered a top guild. In the heavenly domain, they were ranked over fifty. They held no records in any of the dungeons there. In this sort of common guild, Seven Fields felt that they couldn’t accommodate for this player.

The others didn’t know if they all had the same thoughts as Seven Fields, so everyone just silently attacked. In the process, it was hard to avoid a few minor slips. But Ye Xiu promptly warned them, so disaster never occurred. Just like this, BOSS #1 was easily killed. After looting the corpse, they found a Blue equipment. But because it was low-leveled, no one really cared much about it. It would become outdated in an instant anyways. At this moment, however, they all required that Lord Grim picked it up. Even though Sleeping Moon didn’t say anything, he also silently chose to give it up.

Ye Xiu looked and saw that it wasn’t much better than a Green Level 10 Belt. But since everyone renounced it, he could only courteously accept it and wear it. They continued forward.

Afterwards, they employed the same tactic. BOSS #2 was a web-spitting long-ranged type spider. Annoyingly, It would frequently spit out webs onto the cave flying and jumping around like Spider-Man. But under Ye Xiu’s leadership, the five finally brought this fellow into a corner. Only this time they didn’t play billiards with it, instead they used skills that stunned one after another. Ye Xiu dispatched BOSS #2 through chain stuns, so it wouldn’t be able to spit out webs again.

Naturally, the four players began worshipping Ye Xiu to a whole new level. This person was their MT as well as their main damage dealer. From time to time, he would even Heal them. After doing so, he would plan tactics and then carry it out……The four could no longer use words to describe him and could only worship, worship, and worship him again.

The Spider Cave’s Spider Lord was another difficult part of the dungeon. This guy had the strengths of both small spider BOSSes: web-spitting and poisonous. It had eight hairy legs and a belly full of patterns. It was twice as big as a small BOSS and was extremely nauseating.

Confronting this final BOSS, Seven Fields and the others weren’t nervous at all because they knew that under Lord Grim’s commands, there wouldn’t be any problems beating this two-in-one boss.

As expected, this fight was just as easy as the last ones. This two-in-one Spider Lord was just a bit fatter and had a few extra tricks. Under Ye Xiu’s commands, they controlled the field smoothly dispatched it.

First clear!

At this moment, the announcement system impressively lined up the names of their five-player party.

Sleeping Moon, Seven Fields, Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water, Lord Grim; Tenth Server First Spider Cave Clear!

Seven Fields and the others were all astonished and went into an ecstasy. Although their leveling wasn’t considered slow, they wouldn’t have ever thought that they could be the first ones to clear Spider Cave. This was all thanks to the great expert Lord Grim, or it else it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.

“D*mn!” And at this moment, another party of five in the Spider Cave all shouted together when they saw this announcement.

In front of them, there was only a sliver of health left on the Spider Lord. They would’ve been able to finish it given ten more seconds. But now, they lost to these ten seconds.

Regretful and unwilling, the five players all dreamt of the countless ways they could’ve made up for those ten seconds. In the end, they could only admit to reality. Their dream was to have their guild be the first to clear every dungeon in the tenth server. But just then in this second dungeon, their dreams had already been crushed.

Ten seconds. They had only lost by ten seconds.

“Lord Grim? Wasn’t this the person that was the first to kill the Midnight Phantom Cat?” The Spider Lord had already collapsed. The five players had smoothly cleared the dungeon, but they weren’t happy at all.

“I think so.”

“Where did this person come from? This person has also been on the announced twice. Blue River, he’s just like you!”

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