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Chapter 211 - Battle of Muye (13)

Chapter 211 - Battle of Muye (13)

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After leaving Mazu Temple, Ouyang Shuo headed toward the Chenghuang Temple and the Temple of Earth.

As he could only use the pills on Mazu Temple once, there were still four of them left now. Ouyang Shuo wanted to check and see what kind of effects these pills would have on the other temples too.

First, he arrived at the Chenghuang Temple. He took out a pill. As expected, the system notification rang again.

“System notification: Incense pills have been detected. Do you want to use it?”

“Yes, use it!”

In a flash, the pill turned into a ray of white light that entered the statue of the Chenghuang.

“System notification: Chenghuang’s statue has been enchanted by incense pills. The Chenghuang Temple has derived a special characteristic ——【Myriad Observation】(Decreases the crime rate of the territory by 30%).

Therefore, Ouyang Shuo concluded that these pills were used to derive special effects from temples. Then, he continued to the Temple of Earth and used another pill.

“System notification: God of Earth’s statue has been enchanted by incense pills. The Temple of Earth has derived a special characteristic ---【Prosper Harvest】(Increase the harvest of all crops by 10%).

Finally, Ouyang Shuo arrived at the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di’s, Temple. The result let Ouyang Shuo down, as the pills did not affect on the temple. Then, he guessed that:

1 - The temple had been set as the ancestral hall and needed to maintain its purity, causing the pills to have no affect on it or,

2 - The temple has been fully upgraded, leaving no room for further upgrades.

Again, Ouyang Shuo did not feel dejected. He stored the remaining two pills and planned to use it on the Temple of Literature and the Temple of Military that would appear when Shanhai City advanced to grade 3.

In the afternoon, the royal family sent an envoy to Shanhai City, representing the imperial court to officially confer Ouyang Shuo the title of Lianzhou Marquis. After receiving the notification, the Cultural Division immediately prepared the things needed to welcome the court messenger.

The envoy took out the royal edict. Under the lead of Ouyang Shuo, the generals and strategists of Shanhai City received the edict.

“Under the fortune of the emperor, player Qiyue Wuyi arrived in the wilderness. Appointed with huge hope and missions, he overcame obstacles, crushing the evil forces and achieving outstanding merits. Now, he is granted with the title of Lianzhou Marquis to show the emperor’s gratitude.”

“Thank you for the king’s gracious,” said Ouyang Shuo.

The rewards from the court contained four items.

The first was the seal of the Lianzhou Marquis. The seal shone with golden rays, and it weighed approximately 300 grams. On the top of the seal was the word ‘King (王)’ and on the bottom were the letterings Lianzhou Marquis.

The seal would replace the lord’s credential, and it became the personal credential for Ouyang Shuo.

The second item was the panorama map for the entire State of Lian. The map contained every single little detail, from rivers and hills to all sorts of resources like mines.

The gifting of this map to Ouyang Shuo did not mean that the entire state was now his fief. It could only be said that Ouyang Shuo had become the titular of the state.

The third item was the feudal lord robe. The robe was used for various occasions such as performing rituals.

The fourth item was the Dan Bow and Arrow that represented the Lianzhou Marquis authorization of conquest. In truth, it was just a bow and a red arrow. However, this meant that Ouyang Shuo was authorized to launch any campaigns within the State of Lian.

The above four items were the symbol of Ouyang Shuo’s title and the acknowledgment of his current position, which separated him from the other ordinary players. He became one very important lord in the wilderness.

Among these items, the map and the bow and arrow were immediately placed in the Yellow Emperor Temple for worship.

Other than these four items, the court also awarded Ouyang Shuo with silk, jewelry, gold, horses and a luxury carriage.

After awarding Ouyang Shuo, the court messenger accepted some money as tips from Xu Shuda. Then, the court messenger immediately returned to the court without any further ado. The court’s award to Ouyang Shuo had made the entire territory extremely happy and excited.

Ouyang Shuo ordered Zhi Su to store the rewards from the court in the storage of the lord’s hall. Then, he took a portion of the gold away and left some for the expenses of the lord’s hall.

By the time they finished dealing with these matters, it was already the evening. After his dinner with Bing’er, he returned to his room and continued his meditation. After migrating, meditating at every night had become Ouyang Shuo’s new habit.

Gaia 1st Year, 16th of the 8th Month, Shanhai City welcomed another advancement.

Ouyang Shuo walked into the meeting room and quietly said the command for territory advancement in his heart. After a white light flashed across the entire room, a golden stone heartstone rose up from the middle of the room. He placed his hands on the heartstone, and the system notification rang.

“System notification: Checking for the requirements for territory upgrade….”

“Requirement 1: Reaching the population limit of 50,000 people, requirement met!”

Because of the ‘lightning’ operation and the players who had settled down in the town, the population of Shanhai City had rapidly increased. It had met this requirement around a month ago.

“Requirement 2: Building all basic structures of the town, requirement met!”

The only problem for the grade 2 city was the chess clubhouse. However, this problem was solved when an elderly who loved chess in reality arrived in the town and temporarily took over the position of the dean of the chess clubhouse.

“Requirement 3: Reaching the title of 1st-class count, requirement met!”

God knows how many players were frustrated with the requirement of reaching 1st-class count. According to the reports, quite a number of cities like Danyang City, Red Blood City, and Handan City had reached the grade 2 city. Unfortunately for them, there was still an incredibly long way to go before they reached grade 3 city.

“System notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for meeting all requirements for advancing Shanhai City into a grade 3 city. Do you want to upgrade?”

“Yes, upgrade!”

On the heartstone, a ray of golden light rocketed upward upon his confirmation and exploded in the skies. Then, it transformed into a golden halo that spread through the entire territory before disappearing.

“System notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first player to advance his city into a level 3 city. Now rewarding him with 2,200 merit points.”

“System notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first player to advance his city into a level 3 city….”

“System notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for becoming the first player to…..”

It was a matter of course that Shanhai City would advance to grade 3, so this no longer attracted the interest of other players anymore. However, Ouyang Shuo’s title advancement to Lianzhou Marquis was still the most trending topic.

“System notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for advancing his territory into a grade 3 city, now randomly generating three grade 3 city basic structures. Please pick one as your reward.”

“System notification: The three random structures have been generated. They are the brothel, the watchtower, and the Temple of Military. Please choose wisely!”

“Choose the brothel!”

“System notification: The selected structure is now being generated. Player can view it at will now”

Another white light flashed across the room and the heartstone slowly sunk into the ground. Then, Ouyang Shuo checked the stats of Shanhai City.

【Territory】: Shanhai City (grade 3 city)

【Owner】: Qiyue Wuyi (3rd class marquis)

【Title】: World’s first city (Increases territory fame by 30%)

【Morale】: 95/100

【Security】: 94/100

【Territory population】: 50,000/100,000

【Refugee spawn time】: 300 per day

【Territory area 】:10,000 sq km

【Territory specialty】: …. (Omitted)

【Political index】: 68/100 (affects administrative efficiency, related to morale)

【Economy index】: 60.100 (affects prosperity of trading, related to tax)

【Cultural index】: 65/100 (affects education, related to residents character)

【Military index】: 60/100 (affects military power, related to stability)

【Affiliated territory】: Beihai City, Qiuhui City, Friendship City

List of basic structures :

【Brothel】: Place for adult entertainment. Requirements to build: Geisha, brothel’s building blueprint, 8,000 units of wood, 4,000 units of jade brick, 5,000 units of stone. Time to build: 10 days. (Note: The structure has been generated).

【Watchtower】: A watchtower that uses drum and bell to send out warnings. Requirements to build: Watchtower building blueprint, 8,000 units of wood, 8,000 units of jade brick, 10,000 units of stone. Time to build: 10 days.

【Temple of Literature】: A place for the worshipping of past generations of wise ministers and strategists. Requirements to build: Temple of Literature building blueprint, 8,000 units of wood, 8,000 units of jade brick, 4,000 units of stone. Time to build: 10 days.

【Temple of Military】: A place for the worshipping of past generations of mighty and powerful generals. Requirements to build: Temple of Military building blueprint, 8,000 units of wood, 8,000 units of jade brick, 4,000 units of stone. Time to build: 10 days.

【College】: Place for education. Requirements to build: College building blueprint, 10,000 units of wood, 10,000 units of jade brick, 8,000 units of stone. Time to build: 15 days. (Note: Similar structure Xinan University is present, cannot be built repeatedly).

Compared to a grade 2 city, a grade 3 city’s population limit and land occupied were doubled. According to the current refugee spawning time, it would take another 167 days to reach the limit of the current population.

Of course, in order to reach grade 1 prefecture, one would never succeed if they only met the basic requirements. Every time a territory wanted to advance from a village to a town, a town to a city, or a city to a prefecture, the territory would need to face a series of strict tests.

For example, to advance into a town from a village required the territory to meet certain numbers in its political, military, education, cultural and economic indices. To advance into a city from a town, the territory must have a certain point of defensive and military power. However, Ouyang Shuo had no idea about the requirements to advance a city to a prefecture yet.

Prefectures belonged to the category of higher ranked territory. Naturally, players would not post anything about the advancing requirements on the forums anymore. Therefore, as an adventurer-type player in his past life, Ouyang Shuo only knew a little bit of the entire picture.

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