True Martial World

Chapter 200: Yi Yun’s Reward

Chapter 200: Yi Yun’s Reward


Yi Yun had returned to normal. His rapid heartbeat and stagnant breathing was naturally perceived by the green-shirted elder. But it was nothing weird, it was rare for a youth to appear composed in front of a Tai Ah Divine City Elder.

“To form a Heaven’s eyeball before thirteen-years-of age, you do indeed have exceeding talent in terms of perception!”

The green-shirted Elder praised Yi Yun. He had previously heard from the black-cloaked man that Yi Yun was talented at picking herbs. He had picked more than 200 dragon scale runes worth of herbs on his first day.

This perception was extraordinary.

“Thank you for Elder Jian Ge’s appreciation,” Yi Yun respectfully answered.

The green-shirted elder looked at Yi Yun with a meaningful glance. He guessed that Yi Yun must have had some special opportunity.

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there were countless geniuses. Not having any special opportunities would make becoming a top human lord, or even a sage too difficult.

The human sages that appeared once every 500 years were all full of talent. Together with great luck, they experienced stunning opportunities.

Many of the geniuses in the Tai Ah Divine City had their own special encounters. For this, the green-shirted elder was in no way surprised.

Of course, the special encounters these young geniuses had were nothing when placed in front of people at the rank of the Tai Ah Divine City’s Elders.

Special opportunities Purple Blood realm warriors encountered were meaningless to sages. Even if they were occasionally tempted by it, they would not compete for them. As a Divine City’s Elder, they had the basic amount of open-mindedness. If rumors spread of a Divine City Elder snatching the special opportunities of a younger junior, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s reputation would be torn apart.

Previously, the green-shirted elder had used his Heaven’s Eye to scan Yi Yun’s body. If there was anything special about it, he would have noticed it. But there was nothing. The green-shirted elder guessed with certainty that Yi Yun had swallowed some divine treasure that promoted his spiritual evolution.

Such an explanation was most reasonable.

“This time, by handing over the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, you did a great achievement. Unfortunately, the Purple Yang Ginseng’s main body is damaged, and a lot of the herbal essence was lost. Its soul was also destroyed. Its value is only about a third of a complete Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng. But, this seat (I said in a confident way) will not be petty and will not give you an unfavorable reward.”

Hearing the green-shirted elder’s words, Yi Yun finally felt greatly relieved.

Ignoring the reward, he had passed!

In front of Elder Jian Ge, Yi Yun was under immense pressure for he was afraid something might go wrong.

This Elder Jian Ge might still have his doubts, but after deeply probing him, he could still not detect anything.

“I’ll give you…10,000 dragon scale runes, and 3 glory points as a reward.”

Saying this, Elder Jian Ge took out an unimpressive token. With his mind interfaced with the token, a dense stream of dragon scale runes flew towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun saw layers of dragon scale runes fly into his identity token.

10,000 dragon scale runes!

With this amount of dragon scale runes, he could stay in the Wilderness Divine Hall for almost a day!

Not only could he absorb the primordial species’ energy, he could also attempt to understand the founding city lord’s nomological truths for an entire day. There were too many things he could do.

Of course, Yi Yun knew that the 10,000 dragon scale runes were not that precious. What was most precious were the three glory points…

The glory points were extremely precious to the cultivators in the Tai Ah Divine City.

“May I ask, what can I exchange the glory points for?”

Yi Yun asked unsettlingly.

Elder Jian Ge smiled and took out a jade scroll before throwing it to Yi Yun.

“This is the top-class second rank rewards. All the top-class rewards have to be exchanged using glory points. You can exchange for most of the items within that jade scroll.

Yi Yun caught the jade scroll and injected his consciousness into the jade scroll…

Within the jade scroll were treasures after treasures. There were weapons, elixirs and relics!

Not only was there a textual description of the treasure, there were even figures.

“Deva Flower Sword, 1000 dragon scale runes, 1 glory point!”

Yi Yun looked at the figure of the Deva Flower Sword. It was a full-bodied black longsword wrapped in python skin. Just from looking at the image, he could feel a sharp and murderous feeling.

“The Deva Flower Sword is made from metal that came beyond the heavens. Through the hands of a master in the Sky Sword family clan, the sword was engraved with inscriptions. When the sword was created, it was mixed with the blood essence of a primordial species!”

The first weapon did not interest Yi Yun. A divine weapon made from the primordial species blood essence was of course good, but it was too extravagant for himself.

There were other bows and sabers that were about the same level as the Deva Flower Sword, but Yi Yun just browsed through them before giving them up.

The first task now for Yi Yun was to increase his own strength, and not through the use of foreign objects.

Yi Yun carried on looking. The further the list went on, the more expensive they became.

In the beginning, the treasures were valued at 1 glory point and 1000 dragon scale runes.

But nearer to the end, most of them needed 10,000 dragon scale runes or tens of thousands of dragon scale runes; there were even items that cost 100,000 dragon scale runes.

And they needed 2 glory points.

“Dragon marrow relic, 1000 dragon scale runes, 2 glory points.”

“A dragon marrow relic refined from a king-ranked desolate beast. It can cause Marrow Cleansing in a person, allowing him to breakthrough a bottleneck.”

There were many relics and elixirs listed in the jade scroll that could be exchanged for. However, Yi Yun was uninterested in them. He had the Purple Crystal, so there was no shortage of energy for cultivation.

If he lacked elixirs, Yi Yun would have just completely suck dry the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng in the #60 mountain.

By risking to hand the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng over, he received the lacking resources he needed. Why would he use it to exchange for elixirs or relics?

Yi Yun carried on digging deeper. At this time, he finally saw a treasure that moved him.

“The first three volumes of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, 10,000 dragon scale runes, 2 glory points!”

It’s actually the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”!

Yi Yun’s eyelids twitched. The founding emperor of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had left behind this compendium. The successive monarchs and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom city lords had even added their own understandings to the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”.

After tens of millions of years, this “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” had become extremely profound. It was the crowning achievement of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s martial arts, and was the core of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family’s heritage!

A cultivation technique like the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” was low in grade but very useful; hence, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had no qualms about making it public.

But for the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”, as a cornerstone of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the royal family had always strictly controlled it.

“Tai Ah Sacred Technique! As expected, it can be exchanged!”

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up.

Cultivation techniques…. were extremely important to Yi Yun!

Having come to the Tai Ah Divine City, Yi Yun had no lack in relics or elixirs, but he had no cultivation techniques.

By turning in the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng, his main goal was to obtain a high level cultivation technique!

The energy within the Heaven Purple Yang Ginseng was indeed precious, but to Yi Yun, if he absorbed too much, the effects would eventually lessen. He did not have the cultivation technique to digest it and manage the energy.

The basic “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” could not support Yi Yun’s cultivation in the future.

A while ago in the school grounds, when Yi Yun lifted the Primal Arrow to insert into the purple tungsten wall, he felt that due to insufficiency of the cultivation technique, he had trouble managing the surging power.

If he had a high grade cultivation technique that trained the body, or a cultivation technique to control his Yuan Qi, then Yi Yun’s strength could go to the next level!

After the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”, Yi Yun quickly browsed through the other treasures. Yi Yun paid special attention to other cultivation techniques, but after some deliberation, Yi Yun still decided on practicing the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”.

This “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” may be a cultivation technique, but it included attack moves, nomological truths and movement techniques. It was a comprehensive martial arts compendium!

Among the top-class second rank jade scroll, it was the most complete and suitable for Yi Yun.

But of course, its price was the most expensive!

Currently, Yi Yun could only exchange for the first three volumes of the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”.

The “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” had a total of nine volumes. The first three volumes needed 2 glory points, while just the fourth volume alone needed 2 glory points.

The fifth volume needed 3 glory points!

Moving on, there was no mention of the sixth volume’s price.

As for the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” 7th to 9th volumes, those were in the realm of sages. A typical warrior had no chance of accessing it in their lives.

In fact, for young heroes, the first three volumes were sufficient. Those who could completely master the first three volumes would have the ability to show disdain for the Tai Ah Divine City!

“Have you decided?” The green-shirted elder asked Yi Yun.

“Yes!” Yi Yun nodded solemnly. “But before I make my decision, this junior has something to ask Elder Jian Ge.”

“Oh? Go ahead!”

“It’s like this… This junior heard from Elder Jian Ge that this jade scroll… includes only the second ranked prizes. This junior wants to know what’s within the first ranked prizes in the top-class jade scroll!”

When Yi Yun said that, his eyes shined.

He wanted to shine in the Tai Ah Divine City. In the next few years, he wanted to challenge all sorts of achievements.

He wanted to see what treasures there were in the Tai Ah Divine City that he could use as a goal to pursue!

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