True Martial World

Chapter 300: Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem

Chapter 300: Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem

In the surging golden light, Yi Yun could feel thick, pure Yang Qi, as if the Sun itself was gushing it out. Holding his breath, he used the Purple Crystal to control the beast mark before slowly merging it into his body.


The pure Yang energy burned and Yi Yun felt as if he had been thrown into a fire furnace, where the flames in the fire furnace were from those of the scorching Sun!

The seven-colored pure Yang energy was like a surging wave, recklessly passing through Yi Yun’s body, making him feel as if his meridians were burning with fire!

Yi Yun could feel every meridian and pore of his body gush out pure Yang Qi.

It’s too painful!

To be placed in a fire furnace, allowing himself to be burnt was a pain that did not need describing!

Yi Yun gritted his teeth as he expected the pain. With his body and cultivation level, how could it not be painful to experience the primordial species’ beast mark’s surge through his meridians?

Yi Yun sat down with his legs crossed. All of his muscles were trembling and convulsing. Behind him, a seven colored radiance arose, condensing into the image of a Golden Crow with reddish-gold feathers. Slowly it was merged with Yi Yun’s body bit by bit.

Suddenly, Yi Yun felt a burning pain coming from his blood and bone marrow.

It was like his blood, flowing within his blood vessels, had been replaced by magma.

This is…

In his energy vision, Yi Yun could clearly see that it came from the Golden Crow species’ pure Yang energy. It was continuously absorbed by his blood and marrow.

After his purplish red blood absorbed a large amount of the Golden Crow species’ pure Yang energy, it slowly started to turn a little golden in color.

His bone marrow also began to emit a golden sheen.

Could this be…

Yi Yun’s mind flashed.

Pure Yang body!

This was the pure Yang body Elder Cang Yan mentioned!

The pure Yang spirit could allow a person’s body to transform, towards the final outcome of a pure Yang body.

And after Yi Yun swallowed the Golden Crow species’ beast mark, with the two compounded together, he was now slowly starting to gain the property of a pure Yang body.

Yi Yun recalled that when Cang Yan introduced the cultivation record of the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’, he mentioned Pure Yang Immortal. Although he did not have the Purple Crystal, he only took 20 days to master the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’.

The only reason for this was because he had a pure Yang body, allowing him to learn the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’ with ease.

That person later created the Pure Yang Palace, becoming one of the mightiest figures in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

Pure Yang bodies had different grades. The purer the body, the higher one’s cultivation level talent would be.

Yi Yun knew that he was at the beginning stages of the pure Yang body. Compared to Pure Yang Immortal’s body, he was still a good distance away.

However, this was enough to make Yi Yun become extremely excited.

Everything was difficult in the beginning. With this early beginnings of a pure Yang body, as long as his cultivation level increased over time, and as long as he could find even more pure Yang treasures in the future, then his body would become purer, eventually reaching an extreme.

Lin Xintong’s pure Yin body was at an extreme.

Yi Yun believed that in the future, he too would become an extreme, with a pure Yang body.

And what was most important was that, after successfully obtaining a pure Yang body, Yi Yun’s talent would slowly change.

Yi Yun had tunneled through to this world into a vast wilderness’ youth’s body. This youth was too normal, be it his bones or physique.

With the Purple Crystal helping him, Yi Yun had no lack in energy. However, his constitution was severely limited. There was a limit to how much one could handle, despite having all the energy in the world. Now, with Yi Yun gaining a pure Yang body, he would slowly feel the tremendous pace of cultivating in the future.

As time passed, the pure Yang body gave Yi Yun joy. The pain from the pure Yang flames burning his meridians had weakened. Without realizing it, the pure Yang energy within his Dantian had reached its maximum capacity.


Yi Yun heard a soft sound. His Dantian suddenly quivered, as if it had suddenly enlarged in size in an instant. The pure Yang energy became part of Yi Yun’s original energy.

His strength broke through the middle stages of Purple Blood, directly into the late stages of Purple Blood!

And that was not the end. Yi Yun could feel his energy surging, all the way to the peak of the late stages of Purple Blood, before it slowly lost its momentum.

This could be said to due to his well-grounded foundation. Yi Yun had stayed in the mid-stages of Purple Blood for too long, so when he broke through, he went straight to the peak of Purple Blood.

At the moment Yi Yun’s cultivation level reached the peak of the late stages of Purple Blood, a foggy, burning image appeared behind him. This foggy image was that of a Golden Crow. It became clearer and clearer as it grew in size, its body grew to the size of more than 10 meters, while its wingspan was nearly 30 meters long!

And this Golden Crow image had a third leg, its head was that of a crow’s and its beak was that of a hawk’s. It was the same as the legendary Golden Crow!

This was Yi Yun’s Aspect Totem, the ancient three-legged Golden Crow!

Yi Yun stood up. As he did not use the Purple Crystal to control energy while all of this was happening, all of his clothes had been burned clean from his body.

He now stood naked in the dead forest and the Golden Crow image behind him spread its wings as it was about to begin flying!

Such a lifelike Aspect Totem was as if a real Golden Crow was standing there. It gave off a great sense of oppression!

The Golden Crow stood behind Yi Yun as its eyes flashed. Its body was burning with flames like surging waves. This shocking scene was impossible to describe!

In contrast, back when Chu Xiaoran condensed a Glacier Snow Wolf image, it was about 4-5 meters tall, and its body was also much more fuzzy. It was a shadowy image, nothing like a real desolate beast.

If the Glacier Snow Wolf was to be placed in front of this Golden Crow, the contrast in body size would be like that of a field mouse against a goshawk.

“This is my Aspect Totem, the Aspect Totem formed from the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’!”

Yi Yun looked up at the large three-legged Golden Crow and a sense of pride surged through him.

With this Golden Crow aspect totem, he could fly freely in the sky!

“The ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ is indeed a top grade totem mystic technique. I only killed one primordial species and was able to condense such a strong Aspect Totem. Of course, to have such an effect has a lot to do with the Purple Crystal. Besides, I also managed to absorb a lot of the essence of the pure Yang spirit, that is also part of the reason.”

Back when Cang Yan showed the three totem mystic techniques to Yi Yun, the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ was likely the most powerful one.

“Right, the pure Yang spirit!”

Yi Yun only formed the beast mark just now. Although he had absorbed a large portion of the pure Yang spirit’s essence, Yi Yun did not absorb the pure Yang spirit’s body.

Yi Yun opened his energy vision and looked around.

He quickly discovered the pure Yang spirit hidden in the Golden Crow species’ corpse. It seemed to have already lost its life force.

After being nurtured in the pure Yang burning hell for tens of thousands of years it slowly formed a sentience, but now, it was nearly wiped away.

Yi Yun injected his spiritual energy into the Purple Crystal, sucking out the pure Yang spirit. Slowly, it flew towards Yi Yun.

At this moment, the pure Yang spirit had completely lost its ability to resist.


The pure Yang spirit entered Yi Yun’s body, going straight into the Purple Crystal. Finally, it was sealed inside the interior of the Purple Crystal.

“Oh? This is…”

Seeing the pure Yang spirit fly into the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was shocked. He noticed that on the Purple Crystal, there was a mark that had mysteriously appeared.

This mark was that of a Golden Crow!

“I have absorbed the Golden Crow beast mark, and there’s a Golden Crow mark on the Purple Crystal. There’s actually such a thing…”

Yi Yun found it fascinating. It seems like the Purple Crystal still had many secrets which were just waiting for him to uncover them.

When the pure Yang spirit was absorbed into the Purple Crystal, it began to get nourished by the Purple Crystal’s energy, allowing it recover some Yuan Qi. As such, it began to slowly burn yet again.

This feeling was weird. Yi Yun felt like there was an additional flame within his body.

“The pure Yang spirit has been sealed within the Purple Crystal…” Seeing this situation, Yi Yun was overjoyed. With the pure Yang spirit within the Purple Crystal, he could continuously draw strength from the pure Yang spirit.

Also, the Purple Crystal would slowly nourish the pure Yang spirit, allowing it grow stronger.

With this, he had another trump card.

With his cultivation level reaching the late stages of Purple Blood, condensing a Golden Crow Aspect Totem, and now, the additional energy from a pure Yang spirit, this trip made into the burning hell increased Yi Yun’s strength by several times.

“I wonder what my ranking will be if I were to attempt challenging the Earth roll.”

Yi Yun was looking forward to it. But now was not the time for him to return to the Tai Ah Divine City. He still had to explore this mysterious world.

Yi Yun turned his head around and looked at the mountain’s towering peak. There, a palace stood proudly. The mystery hanging around it made him feel like it contained truths that were equal to Heaven.

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