True Martial World

Chapter 42: Jumping down the Chasm

Chapter 42: Jumping down the Chasm

The symptoms of being invaded by the Frost Python’s frost energy and the overdrafting of a person’s life force from a Blood Thinning Pill was the same as what Yi Yun was experiencing.

Most of the time people will vomit black blood and exhibit an ashen dead look. Although it wasn’t so spectacular like bleeding from the seven orifices, minor deviations were not abnormal. After all, everyone’s constitution was different.

And from Lian Chengyu’s impression, although Yi Yun had martial arts talent, his body was too weak. His life force was not enough for the Blood Thinning Pill’s overdraft, so among the men refining the desolate bones, Yi Yun would be the first to succumb.

“That little slave, he succumbed so quickly. I was planning on playing with him for another two days. Too bad, he couldn’t live up to it.” Lian Chengyu did not believe Yi Yun would have any possibility of escaping his fate.

The Frost Python’s frost energy was without cure. For a commoner, it was fatal. Not even Yi Yun, even Lian Chengyu would not be able to withstand the Frost Python’s frost energy or he would not have needed to sacrifice so many people from the tribe to absorb the frost toxic.

This sort of frost toxic could only be gotten rid off by a Desolate Heaven Master, or even a Purple Blood Warrior would not dare to take in the Frost Python’s desolate bones essence!

Lian Chengyu was actually worried about Yi Yun’s impending death. With Yi Yun dying the moment Zhang Yuxian left, would such a coincidence lead to Zhang Yuxian’s suspicion?

But Lian Chengyu’s worry gave him pause for a second; in the next second, he carried on with his training.

His motions were smooth as per normal; no one could pick out the slightest fault.

After he finished his set of moves, Lian Chengyu slowly cooled down. Each movement was done with precise attention to detail.

After finishing, Lian Chengyu suddenly thought of something. The corners of his mouth curved. Yi Yun had given him an inspiration!

“It’s no big deal. So what if he dies? Don’t let it affect the refinement of the desolate bones,” Lian Chengyu said coldly.

“Of course, the refinement of the desolate bones is guaranteed! Little me has already ordered the rest to keep working, but…what should we do with the little bastard’s body? Should I find a few brothers, hang the little bastard up, and after mutilating him, feed him to the dogs?”

Zhao Tiezhu said it with a smile. Yi Yun’s death would be the punishment he deserved. His ass was still hurting. Zhao Tiezhu had irrationally blamed his anal pains on Yi Yun.

Lian Chengyu coldly snorted saying, “By hanging up Yi Yun’s corpse for mutilation, you want the entire village to see that? When that happens, people will think it was us who harmed Yi Yun. When Lord Zhang questions us, who is going to bear the responsibility!”

“Yes, Young master Lian is right,” Zhao Tiezhu immediately said. “Little me thinks too simply. Young master Lian is wise afterall.”

“Well, drag Yi Yun’s body to Jiang Xiaorou’s house. It would be bad luck for him to die beside the refinement cauldron!” Remember, when you bring the little bastard over, make sure that he is really dead. Forget it, I’ll verify it myself.

Lian Chengyu found it odd that Yi Yun was able to revive time after time again. Although he was doomed to die from the desolate bones’ frost toxic, Lian Chengyu still wanted to verify it to be rest assured.

“Jiang Xiaorou? Haha, I wonder what that little girl will be like when she sees her brother!” Zhao Tiezhu said with an excited look.

Lian Chengyu knew that with Jiang Xiaorou and Yi Yun’s relationship, she would faint the moment she saw Yi Yun.

But Lian Chengyu did not have any tenderness toward women. This was the vast wilderness, rife with killings, both cruel and tragic. Lian Chengyu wanted to let Jiang Xiaorou know what it was like in the vast wilderness.

He would not spoil any women, even if he liked her.

He was a future elite; he wanted to make women understand that it was him, Lian Chengyu who rescued them from suffering. He was the one who gave them food to eat, a place to stay.

The women need to learn how to appreciate him, learn how to be grateful, and learn how to serve him in reverence. Any women he treated well was a great gift to them. And any women he treated badly was their just deserves. Without him, all those women would have died in the vast wilderness!

This was because of Lian Chengyu’s inferiority complex. He hated the world, and slowly evolved into a bigoted dictator. He wanted to become a dominator, dictating the lives of everyone around him.

With Yi Yun in trouble, the men who were refining the desolate bones were convinced he had been possessed. None of them dared to touch Yi Yun.

It’s not a joke. If Yi Yun died, the spirit might change targets. What if it possessed one of them?

If not for the cauldron they had to man, they would have all been long gone.

The current Yi Yun was pale in the face and bleeding from his nostrils.

Today was really a big one, to actually suck dry the desolate bones in one go!

Yi Yun had to thank his lucky stars that his tiny meridians were not torn apart by such a large amount of energy,

Noticing that the informant had returned, Yi Yun knew that he could no longer wait here. He was not in the condition to return to the village. He did not wish to leave his life in the hands of others. The current him had no way of resisting Lian Chengyu.

“I need to find a quiet spot, and quickly digest all these oppressive energy.” Yi Yun thought before lifting his body. He walked towards the chasm nearby.

At the bottom of this chasm was the Lian tribal clan’s East River.

The East River’s water flow was extremely turbulent. The waterfall Yi Yun had previously practiced at was a part of the East River.

“Kid…Wh…What are you doing?” Seeing Yi Yun walk towards the chasm, it seemed like he was about to jump off. The men’s faces were white with fear.

“He’s been possessed by evil spirits! Evil Spirits!” Da Tou’s father lost his calm. He felt that Yi Yun’s eyes were not focused, and guessed that he did not know he was just above the chasm.

Jumping down would be a guaranteed death!

And following the East River’s flow, it would reach a waterfall. If he fell down the waterfall, death was no longer a surprise.

“Sh…Should we stop him?” A man swallowed his saliva and stammered.

But no one responded. Under the sky, only their lives mattered.

They too might be possessed if they made contact with Yi Yun.

“This little brother is already so seriously injured so I doubt he will survive. It’s best to cut short prolonged suffering, so jumping down isn’t a bad idea. Then…little brother Yi, we will not send you off. Have a good trip through the netherlands, don’t blame us for your death.” Da Tou’s father comforted himself and at the same time advised Yi Yun, hoping he would not seek revenge after dying.

At this point, Yi Yun had already reached the edge of the chasm. He had already recovered a tiny amount of his Yuan Qi, but the energy in his body was still extremely turbulent. The heat was surging throughout his body, causing extreme discomfort.

The current Yi Yun wasn’t weak. On the contrary, he had an inexhaustible supply of energy. Jumping down the chasm into the waves would actually allow him to use up the energy.

It was also his best route of escape.

Yi Yun did not hesitate. With one step, he dropped down from the cliff.


The men drew a cold breath. Even someone with nine lives would not survive the drop with their seven orifices bleeding

“Splash!” Yi Yun fell into the river. The chasm was about fifty meters high. Even as a Mortal Blood level four, Yi Yun felt the pain from the fall. After all, he was not in the best of conditions.

It was already deep in winter, so the river water was icy cold. It was only because of the fast-flowing water that prevented the water from freezing.

Yi Yun followed the drift. He felt the raging energies in his meridians flare up in his entire body.

Yi Yun held his breath and swam against the water flow!

Yi Yun knew that he was in such a state because he had over-absorbed the energy. The energy within him needed to be consumed, or his meridians would tear from the energy surge!

Swimming was a good way to consume the energy. He had to endure despite the pain.

If he could bring the amount of energy down to within the limits of his body, he would be able to recover slowly.

Yi Yun calculated that in about an hour, he would be brought to the waterfall he had previously trained at!

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