Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 3080 - A Hundred Claws Scratching the Heart!  

Chapter 3080: A Hundred Claws Scratching the Heart!

Mi Tian looked at the arrival and just smiled.

He was not surprised about Mi Zhen’s appearance.

Mi Zhen was extremely cold-blooded and also extremely conceited. But, his feelings toward the Dragon Clan were not falsified.

Although his methods previously made people despise him, his goal was indeed to make the dragon race stronger.

He had his blood essence extracted by Blood Two, his Dao foundation ruined. He would not be able to advance any longer in this lifetime.

But, hearing that Mi Tian was going to migrate the Dragon Clan, he still appeared.

“Progenitor, although I hate Mi Zhen very much, this time, I agree with him! Our Dragon Clan can’t migrate!” Long Jian said straightforwardly.

The conversation seemed to be over already.

However, not only was Mi Tian not worried, he smiled even happier instead.

“Hur hur, got to admit, Ye Yuan this boy foresees with divine accuracy. So before coming here, he made me bring this!”

Finished saying, everyone just felt a blur before their eyes, and they instantly disappeared.

They were standing from God’s point of view, looking down on all life!

Heaven volume!

This feeling was magical to the extreme.

“Where is this? This feeling makes every pore of mine open up!”

“My God, I became Heavenly Dao? I feel like I’m controlling everything now!”

“What a magical feeling! What a wonderful experience! Progenitor Mi Tian, what … what did you do to us?”

“Big Brother, I feel that I have hope of recovering my strength! Could … Could this be the legendary Heaven volume of the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings?”

Mi Zhen’s experience and knowledge were naturally not what others could compare to.

This incomparably wonderful feeling, he thought of the Heaven volume right away!

But, the moment he said it, the others were even more shocked!

“This is actually the Heaven volume! No wonder Ancestor Heavenless could reach that kind of terrifying realm. With this thing, I won’t be worse than him either!”

“12 Heavenly Dao Paintings! Progenitor Mi Tian, why would you have such a thing? Can you keep on letting me comprehend like this? I’m willing to pay any price!”

“I’m willing too!”

“Big Brother, have you had a change of heart and specifically let me gain enlightenment on the Heaven volume? I … I’ll definitely repent in earnest and reform my former faults!” Mi Zhen cried bitterly and said.


In a twinkle, everyone returned from heaven to the mortal world.

The few people exchanged glances, an immense sense of loss on their faces.

That sort of experience just now was really too amazing.

Reaching their level of boundary, even the slightest improvement in cultivation, was harder than ascending to heaven.

But, with the Heaven volume, they were confident that they could break through to Great Beyond Realm!

Mi Tian looked at everyone rather interestedly. Seeing the reaction on their faces, he knew that it was done!

These people could not resist the temptation of the Heaven volume at all!

“Progenitor Mi Tian, why are we back? This … This bit of time is too short!” Bai Zhe was the first to speak up.

Clearly, he was already deeply drawn by that miraculous feeling.

“Yeah, Progenitor, you’re deliberately whetting our appetites! Give us some more time and I feel that I can break through to Great Beyond Realm already!” Xuan Taiqing said impatiently.

“Big Brother, I was wrong! I was really wrong! I beg you, let me comprehend a while more! Although I’m unable to make any more breakthroughs, this Heaven volume can restore my cultivation realm!”

Among these people, the most anxious was Mi Zhen.

His Dao foundation was ruined. Currently, his strength was merely equivalent to the weakest Hegemon Realm.

Putting it bluntly, he was a piece of trash.

To the current him who was in a prominent position in the past, this kind of temptation was too great!

However, Mi Tian just shrugged and said with a smile, “Sorry, Ye Yuan only injected this much chaos divine essence into the Heaven volume. The effects of the Heaven volume can only be maintained for so long too.”

The few people’s faces turned black, instantly understanding what Progenitor Mi Tian wanted to do.

Terrific lad, he was preparing for this!

This old thing was really cunning, throwing out such a huge bait at them. Turns out that it was to make them agree to the migration.

Dream on!

But that kind of feeling just now was really very marvelous!

Great Beyond Realm had already blocked them for countless years.

This step was as difficult as ascending to heaven!

But, with the Heaven volume, it was completely different!

The few of them were all top geniuses of all races.

As long as they immersed in that feeling just now for a while more, they believed that they would definitely be able to break through!

“Progenitor Mi Tian, other things can be discussed, but this great migration is absolutely impossible! Other than this, I’m willing to pay any price, as long as you can lend me the Heaven volume! I guarantee that as long as I break through to Great Beyond Realm, I’ll immediately return it!” Bai Zhe said.

Mi Tian’s face still had a faint smile hanging as he shook his head and said, “Even if I lend you the Heaven volume, it will likely be very hard for you to break through to Great Beyond Realm too! The 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings are activated using chaos divine essence. Only then can it unleash the greatest effect! Otherwise, with the Labyrinth Divine Palace having so many geniuses, why did it only give birth to 12 Great Beyond Realms?”

The moment this was said, everyone became indignant.

Bai Zhi snorted coldly and said, “Progenitor Mi Tian, if you’re not lending, so be it. Is it interesting to deceive us with these words?”

Mi Tian smiled and directly threw the Heaven volume over.

Bai Zhi’s face was stunned for a moment, and he subconsciously injected his divine essence into it.


Sure enough, his perspective underwent a change again.

But, compared to that marvelous feeling just now, the feeling this time was too vague.

Just like, the feeling earlier was clear glass.

But the feeling now was frosted glass.

With that experience previously, the experience now became extremely trash.

He was not some rookie and immediately determined that Mi Tian was not exaggerating things to raise the alarm.

If his cultivation realm was very low, this Heaven volume would be a priceless treasure to him.

But, reaching his cultivation realm, this kind of vague experience was unable to rapidly improve his strength and help him reach Great Beyond Realm.

Otherwise, everyone would have been able to break through to Great Beyond Realm.

Returning to reality, Bai Zhi’s face was stunned for a while, and he muttered, “This … How can this be?”

When the others saw Bai Zhi’s expression, they immediately understood it.

How vicious!

Mi Tian and Ye Yuan, this one old and one young, two foxes, really schemed against them badly!

If it was just throwing out the Heaven volume, they would not have been moved either.

But, with that experience earlier, it was like getting addicted to drugs, unable to stop even if they wanted to!

The temptation of Great Beyond Realm was really too great!

Supreme Hegemon and Great Beyond Realm, although they were the same cultivation realm, it was worlds apart.

Mi Tian saw the few people feeling like a hundred claws were scratching their hearts, and he said with a smile, “Ye Yuan said that in Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven, the Heaven volume can be used without limit! He’ll provide sufficient chaos divine essence to help everyone increase their strength. The Heaven volume is the general outline of the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings. It’s the most important volume. With it, with your talents, reaching Great Beyond Realm is indeed not hard. But, without chaos divine essence, it’s similarly immensely difficult for you all to want to break through to Great Beyond Realm. You guys also know that Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven is going to face enemies very soon. It’s impossible for Ye Yuan to take the time to come to Voidshrine Illuminating Heaven and help you all gain enlightenment!”

Finished saying, Mi Tian stood with his hands behind his back, a smile like he had swayed everyone on his face, awaiting everyone’s decision.

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