Vampire Summoner’s Rebirth: Summoning The Vampire Queen At The Start

332 Stealing The Wyvern's Parts


“I-I can’t believe we were able to defeat a Wyvern… This is insane, they’re incredibly strong monsters! Especially this one, it was probably as strong as a C Rank Monster, or higher…” Eric said.

“T-That was crazy!” Chris said. “Though I need to rest a bit, I am too tired now… It feels like a lot of excitement hit me hard…”

“That’s all the adrenaline you felt, it now hits you hard.” I sighed. “Don’t worry, you’ll feel better after some rest.”

“I feel like I grew stronger again… Is this the Level Up you talked about, Blake?” Erika wondered.

“Yes, that’s what you got, Erika. This Wyvern gave a lot of EXP.” I said.

pAn,dan0vel.c0m It had already been some time since the challenge I gave to the kids about Leveling up their Skills, and at the end of the arduous training I made them go through which involved merely making them use their Skills over and over, they had managed to strengthen their skills, proving me right. I didn’t have to comply with anybody’s wishes and I won the bet, so I was able to ask them anything I wanted. Of course, I simply asked them to continue the training that they had been doing, I doubt they had anything I really wanted.

The concept of EXP, Levels, and Skill EXP and Skill Levels were very loosen in this world. As people was not aware of being able to see their Status completely unless in the Appraisal Ceremony, they always thought levels were related to Holy Spirits trials, and Skills were very loosen, some knew that by using them repeatedly they would grow stronger, but not many knew how exactly this worked, but indeed, merely slashing a tree would make your Swordsmanship stronger eventually, over several days.

After our conversation, which simply included the kids being happy about their progression, we regrouped with everybody else. When the Adventurers from the Adventurer Guild ran here, the Wyvern had already been slain. The Duke was completely shocked by all events and had passed away before the wyvern would had been slain, being moved to the house of a noble.

“I’ll do my best to tell the Duke that things went well.” The Knight Captain, a tall man said. He was strong, but probably not enough to fight one-on-one against a Wyvern, he had cooperated silently alongside another knight and Lukas, while the other two had died by the fire, which was rather tragic for them. They still seemed slightly relieved things ended without anybody else dying.

After that, we quickly gathered back with the families that hid in the forest, everything seemed to be alright. Most of the mothers were crying out of how scared they felt, and some hunters seemed frustrated for not being allowed to fight, well, not like they would had done much.

Ultimately, we all went our separate ways back home, the house of the Duke which had him and his family of one son and his wife was destroyed, so he’ll have to build a new one. The other two houses set ablaze were turned off quickly by the power of Moby, as I had left four F-Rank Fishes using Water Splash repeatedly over the smaller houses, only leaving small damage. There were commoners living in those, but they managed to escape in time too, so there were no casualties in that regard.

I wanted to badly butcher the Wyvern and extract all of its precious materials for myself, the scales would do wonderful armor, the fangs and claws could make amazing weapons, and the flesh, blood, and bones could also be all consumed and also used for alchemy, especially its internal organs overflowing with Mana and Spiritual Essence. And above all, the Spirit Orb it had could potentially become a Wyvern Familiar, something I wanted very badly.

Although things were decided to be left for tomorrow, I ran outside the house to look at the wyvern’s corpse, which was being left alone. The beast was around five to six meters large, so nobody in their right minds would ever attempt to steal it or do something with a pit of over ten meters to crawl back from, except me.

Seeing that there were three Adventurers surrounding a bonfire while guarding the pit, we infiltrated with Eleanora into the pit through Shadow Sneak, and got in there rather easily, we spoke through Telepathy to not be detected.

“We should take out some blood and the Spirit Orb for now, if we take more than that it will be too obvious.” I said.

“Very well.” Eleanora said, quickly turning into a Blood Bat and entering the interior of the wyvern’s guts through its mouth. She pierced the interior until she came back covered in blood, guts, and holding the shiny, red-colored spirit orb with the size of a watermelon.

It was enormous!

“Ugh… You really make me do horrendous things.” She sighed.

“I am sorry.” I said, quickly splashing her with water.


“Hahh~ This is the first time I feel you did this well.” Said Eleanora.

“For now… I bet the Duke will want the entire corpse for himself, seeing how highly priced it might be. And he’ll make an excuse that it is a way to compensate for his difficulties in here, so let’s just take the scales of the back, some, and sporadically so to not set a pattern and make it seem as if they are wounds.” I said.

“Alright.” Eleanora nodded, as we began taking scales from the wyvern, especially those surrounding its wounds, which would make less obvious someone came to steal materials.

At the end, we got ourselves thirty palm-sized Wyvern Scales, which were harder than iron. Alongside that, we drained a lot of blood, took away its liver, a few fangs, and some claws which were already cracked.

Eleanora once more entered the wyvern and also brought some chunks of meat so we could enjoy it later. And with that, we flew back home stealthily, nobody realizing what we had done.


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