Warlock of The Magus World (FanFiction)

Chapter 372

Chapter 372

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Inside the meteor array, Leylin didn’t follow the path secured by Jaxon with the help of his ancient language knowledge and solved the array, rather Leylin decided to move by himself.

While he was fighting the young masters and their followers hailing from different powerhouses of the Endless Sea, Leylin abruptly got an information influx from one of his clones informing him about a rather peculiar finding in its journey.

The clone was soon obliterated reaching that area so, it wasn’t able to investigate much into it but still it was enough to arouse Leylin interest as he soon left.

Time quickly passed.

Leylin broke through the meteor array despite taking a wrong route, the backlash from following a different path might be detrimental for others but for him with an insane physical stats coupled with an outrageous leap in body prowess granted by activating Petrification Martial Spirit, the whole ordeal wasn’t that unbearable.

Leylin then appeared in an extremely hot desert. He didn’t waste any time and started to navigate, Leylin didn’t use his Profound Qi to protect his body from the heat nor used it to move in the desert, rather he started to replenish his reserves with the absorbed Profound Qi from a few dozen dead Earth realm warriors previously.

Leylin moved for a long time, this strange place had neither the Sun nor the Moon nor the Star nor the darkness, except for the glowing red sky.

After a long journey, he had shortened the distance between him and the hottest point in the desert from where his clone made an interesting discovery.

The end of the meteor array was a teleportation system which would randomly send the traveler into any part of the desert, the clone just happens to appear just near that discovery while Leylin didn’t hence his long journey.

As Leylin walked forward he could even feel its soul shivering.

The closer he got to the hottest point, the more discomfort he could feel. Under the terrifying heat, even though the sentient force had tempered his body, he still had to either use his Petrification Martial Spirit or his profound Qi to resist.

After having kept running like this for another while, soon he saw the place for which he had been longing.

A significant angular meteorite plugged into the desert.

That meteorite was generating beautiful lights. The whole object was glowing red, emitting terrifying Sun’s burning fires. The sunlight was too robust and dazzling that people could hardly open their eyes.

The meteorite was like a small mountain. The majority of it was buried deep inside the dune, and only one-third of it was exposed.

Blinding red light was discharging from the meteorite, and its scorching fire power engulfed the entire area. The water inside his body has started to evaporate as well.

If an ordinary person came here, that person would be burnt and quickly become a desiccated corpse in only around one hour.

‘There is a mysterious movement coming out from the meteorite.’ While watching the meteorite from a distance, Leylin immediately felt that his sea of consciousness was agitated nonstop.

He found himself being affected by the strange power inside the meteorite, pushing him to lose control of himself, and head into that meteorite.

Leylin looked at the meteorite and he believed that once he came closer to the meteorite, as soon as his body touched the burning fires next to the meteorite, he would immediately turn into ashes.

Not to mention the Earth Realm warriors, even the body of a God Realm master was not sure to remain intact under that meteorite’s burning fires.

Leylin did not dare to take a risk, he just silently watched the huge meteorite from a distance.

“What a tempting treat…. Let’s see what’s inside.” Leylin released his spirit consciousness towards the meteorite but he soon realized that, the meteorite instantly emitted a terrifying power that violently stirred up his sea of consciousness, forcing him to retreat.

“So vicious…any other normal warrior would be left with no way to pry into its secret but, I have a little something special.” Suddenly Ice Cold Flame’s icy power from the Blood Vein Ring came out. As soon as it appeared, it shot out a series of icy power.

The icy power quickly surged up in Leylin’s body, spreading out to every corner of his body. Under the effect of the icy power, Leylin’s body soon stabilized.

“With Ice Cold Flame’s icy element mixed with my consciousness I should be able to resist the hot scorching energy.’ Leylin got serious and kept regaining his focus again, seemingly releasing his spiritual power to observe around.

Not long after that, the Leylin expression changed and an expression of surprise flashed through his eyes.

“It’s a type of refined form of Sun Spirit.”

Leylin frowned and took a steep step forward, his eyebrows smacked together. Previously back in his magus days he gained blood of Sun Child’s which he refined into imprints.

Through his research he studied a lot about the bloodline of Sun Child not to mention, Vermillion bird bloodline that he possessed himself. He also studied and explored in depth about the Phoenix bloodline of Lava World and it’s meditation technique, even hatching a Phoenix of his own.

Leylin knowledge about all the elements are beyond the comprehension of many top level Magus even more than those specialising in that particular element, it’s just the limitations of Grace Mainland and his own lower power level that he couldn’t make use of his full potential.

But what he possessed is an unbelievable discerning and deductive ability boosted by his wealth of knowledge, Leylin concluded that the red meteorite is the Sun Refined Spirit from the center of the Sun. It is the precious Heat treasure!

This refined strong sun force can only be found in the center of the Sun. It is the core firepower of the Sun!

Leylin seemed to suddenly stop his movement for a bit and exclaimed inside his mind, ‘There seems to be something hidden inside.’

Leylin interest was immediately peaked, he even hypothesized that it’s probably a Heaven Flame of hot nature sealed inside the Sun Core! His desire to explore and acquire it was flared but..

Although Leylin had tempered his body and his body’s tolerance was extremely high, he still couldn’t endured the scorching Sun Flames surrounding the Sun Core.

From a hundred meters away from the Sun Core, he could feel his body blistering hot already. If he reached the Sun Core, perhaps even if he used all his powers he would be burnt to ashes.

“But i don’t need to endure with my body, I have Ice Cold Flame.” Leylin quietly sends a wave of Profound Qi into his Blood Vein Ring and in response of his pulse. Right after that, he could immediately feel the freezing icy power multiplying. Under the icy power, his body got frozen in just a blink.

A solid ice spread out his entire body. It was like an ice armor wrapping him around.

Under the ice shield’s protection, Leylin realized that the heat from the Sun Core had disappeared. He didn’t have the feeling that his body was burning anymore.

“Thump thump thump.”

With the ice armor, Leylin was without restraints, moving step by step towards the Sun Core.

Fifty meters

Thirty meters

Twenty meters

Ten meters

From ten meters away, a bunch of scorching Sun Flames flew around the Sun Core without dispersing.

The Sun Core was very close to him now. If he moved a little more, he could reach it; however, but he didn’t know what was going to happen.

Leylin didn’t release his soul consciousness knowing that he would face severe backlash from the Sun Core which would treat his consciousness as an enemy.

Leylin could do nothing but he felt an odd movement inside his body, he closed his eyes, standing motionlessly ten meters away from the Sun Core.


Many streams of burning Sun power from inside the Sun Core were rolling towards Leylin. Seeming to be under the control of something, they quietly went into his chest and poured into his heart.

Even before receiving the Sun power, his heart suddenly projected a red light. The star lights above his heart started brightening little by little and seemed to begin moving around above his heart as if it was some miraculous unpredictable formation.

“The Star Martial Spirit!”

Many sun powers went into Leylins chest and quickly poured into his heart, which might result in some transformation inside his heart. The burning fires’ power was getting more intense while his heart was able to receive more and more burning fires’ powers, becoming incredibly dazzling.

Blinding sun lights from his heart were suddenly shot out. Leylin instantly became a light generator; his entire body generated many powerful lights.

“How is this possible!? The Star Martial spirit is actually absorbing the energy from Sun Core, shouldn’t this only be done conventionally by Sun Martial spirit? Is this because Sun is also a Star? No, it’s a preposterous preposition. If such was the case then why divide the two? Or is it….is this the special ability of Star Martial spirit that sets it’s apart from Sun and Moon and makes it’s so formidable?”

While the sun power kept rolling into his heart, Leylin felt the temperature rising steadily but Leylin was without fear.

A bunch of mysterious whirls appeared on his chest at this moment. Leylin immediately activated the peculiar Black Formula that belonged to the Three Gods Sect.

The existence of these three whirls attracted more and more sun powers. They kept pouring into his heart with the speed that was getting crazily faster and faster.

“Boom!” His body suddenly burst into flame. The scorching Solar Flame started burning inside his body.

Obviously Leylin wouldn’t burn himself to death hence he used the Heavenly icy power which was getting denser and suddenly spread out from the Blood Vein Ring.

Thanks to Leylin precise calculations and with the right amount of the icy power absorbed into his body, the Solar Flames have immediately neutralized afterward.

One of his eyes shot out the burning fires, and the other projected the icy power. His entire body entered an extremely strange state.

The burning strength of the Solar Refined Flame and the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame were battling inside his body, causing his body to fall into the Flame Ice Collision state. His body changed from being freezingly chilled to uncomfortable burning just in a second.

His body shot out two kinds of red burning fires and dark blue burning fires. The red burning fires were scalding while the dark blue burning fires were freezing. These two types of burning fires spread out all over the body, seeming still to be in a drastic fight.

However, he looked very comfortable with those two kinds of fires around his body and unobserved by him a lot of time passed.


At the same time, the secret hidden inside the Sun core was revealed.

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